Hello, Goodbye: Haight-Ashbury


yeah, okay. maybe. hopefully someday soon. I have no intention on writing a thousand words tonight, at seven thirty tomorrow I leave (sadly, without George) for San Francisco. Yeah, it’s not far away but I’m going with my dad on his business trip. My focus will be angles. (for my photos, I mean!) George is behind me licking his lips. it’s hot, maybe it’s because I’m wearing flannel pajamas. Okay time to change.
Ah. much better. Now I’m wearing my old red gym shorts from middle school and I probably look like an American Flag…. it is still July right- I’m just being patriotic after all.  I want to get a photo of the Height-Ashbury street corner, you know,  start of the whole Hippie movement. No, I’m not a Hippie but I watched a gazillion videos about the whole movement in my US History class last year, I’m kind of curious, to actually visit and take a picture. And maybe on the corner of 17th street. hm. As far as I know we’re going to drop off my dad and figure out a way to make it through traffic to get to JFK rd. to Golden Gate Park. It sounds horrific. All of San Francisco’s streets are one way. Who could live in a city like that?… apparently quite a few people- and I am not one of them (just watch, when I get older, I’ll totally change and go move there/ work there. yeah right, I don’t change. much.) I thought a Beatles song would be a perfect title for this after all- they were a major icon (oh wait, they still are a major icon, duh!) I think maybe I might even add photos here, you know- to break up these ginormous blocks of text. Maybe!
Oh speaking of- well not really but still, I just remembered so before I forget: remember the neighbor I told you about (reference to previous post) well there is no physical evidence that says he actually is a molester, just people complaining. And they put it all over the  news, so if he isn’t… they just ruined his life, sort-of. I mean unless he moved away.
Still in love. Depressing fact: I am not going shopping tomorrow. San Francisco remember? UGH. Life. I mean, it’s good for me I guess… I don’t like shopping but seriously. I had a reputation to build, people to get to know. I mean his mom knows I really don’t like shopping but his sister doesn’t..
Weather tomorrow in San Fran… seventy one degrees. Right now, it sounds wonderful. When I get down there it’ll probably be cold.
Oh… yes. My run this morning. George stopped less often than ever before although it was still very often. But he didn’t ware out as fast! He got tired on the way down the hill and didn’t really want to go so I let him play when we got there and take a twenty minute break talking to my friend, Katie at Starbucks which was lovely. The crisp morning is delicious. I really wish it didn’t require such an effort to drag myself from under my cozy sheets and comforter. But every good thing (well, most good things) require work. I even let George off leash to play ‘tree agility’ in the sopping wet grass in front of the apartments, it was quite fun! It still won’t set in my head that next year I’m going to be a SENIOR. It goes by so fast! And now all of these responsibilities are coming my way. Job. Driving (I really really don’t like driving.) Senior Portraits. Senior this. Senior that. … college…. sort-of finding my career path. erm, that’s a lot to take in… my logical brain is going haywire trying to absorb it all and I get myself all stressed out. I wish my parents would help, my dad helped a TON when he showed me stuff for finding out my possible career path …but everything else seems to be on me.
Great. Now I found out that the “Dog Walk” (where you purchase this year’s yearbook, get your ID card, sober grad, ect.) is on August eighth. Same day as my driving lesson.
ah well, I’m tired. that’s all for tonight!
oh wait, p.s. I cannot believe I left this out. I finally saw the final Harry Potter movie. It ended nicely but I want Rowling to write another book. Harry Potter has been with me for so long, like so many others it’s hard to see it go. Al though the movies and books can be watched/ read over and over I’ve practically memorized all of them….
that’s it. night!



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