paint the sky with stars


school has returned, and since I haven’t posted in a while, this is what you missed out on:
 the typical George plop

 and shake

 a trip to the country… Aboo & Paw’s house

 some random shutter speed experaments

 wild, little humming birds, who, might I add, were a challenge to shoot

 Rocky, my cousin’s Miniature Pincer

 and lots of tennis balls, in the tennis ball project.

 dolmah, however it’s spelled.
 hot Cocoa in August.

 also, some delightful butterbeer in the most amazing cup ever.

 not to mention plenty of crate games

 and agility at a new field, (with steel based weaves!!!!)

 George has continued his intense handstand training, and has advanced to a chair.

 George’s obedience work has begun and he is enjoying it thoroughly.

 a good book &a clean desk for a new school year

 and a wicked awesome paint brush I found

 I made crepes, got a mani/pedi

 and now… I present to you… the graduating class of twenty-twelve!

 (senior sunrise, for those of you who are/were confused)

 below is Alvin, he enjoyed posing for me so I “shot” some chipmunks…haha

 I want to draw more.
and George is the grand finale! 


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