the simple ironies of life


[EXACT same post as my wordpress post]
here’s *finally* a little preview about how the aussie is turning out, a little crazy-I must say! Any tips/comments. of course I’m going to touch the random, weird, awkward lines up around the rump area and the hind leg shading is horrific… but it’s getting along. I’m so excited my digital art teacher is letting me play my own game. I love art so much, I’m just not… that great at it… but then again, I have never really taken a legit art class before so., I suppose I have some excuse.

to be completley truthful, today was bipolar. Parts were brilliant, and other parts may have been a horror story. I went to Borders. It’s really depressing that they’re closing. Anyways, I bought three books: Dogged Pursuit by Robert Rodi, which I recommend to everyone with a hard-to-handle dog. It really puts agility into perspective. It’s pure brilliant and I’ve been dying to read it for a while. (it’s a story- not facts or anything). Then I got Q&A Dog Agility by Mary Ann Nester. Another awesome book. I kind-of find it amusing that there are a ton of Silvia Trkman’s dogs throughout the book. The “Better Handling” part is amazing. I wish I had read this earlier!!! And the last book I bought today was Twisted Tree by Kent Meyers, for four dollars. It’s a gorgeous book with a lovely photograph on the front and the story… well… I haven’t gotten there yet. My Mom just suggested it to me and I felt bad leaving it there…
well, we saw this chair at McDonald’s. I suppose they want you to donate to the chair, because it’s “broke”  ahh, today was …interesting to say the least! Tomorrow I’ve got senior portraits! I’m pretty excited. Hopefully I’ll be able to sleep by nine thirty. It’s 9:09 now. I’m not tired, my stomach just hurts. ahhh. good night.


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