take it easy, take it easy


Don’t let the sound of your own wheels
Drive you crazy
Lighten up while you still can
Don’t even try to understand
Just find a place to make your stand
and take it easy

-the eagles.

I should not be complaining. I should suck it up and stick it out, but then again, it’s ninty-eight degrees and I had to run three-quarters of a mile. Oh physical education, how I loathe you right now. I walked part of it. I  never walk. but the heat gets to my head I suppose. awesome… more excuses! I should stop complaining. it’s bad. Nobody cares. argh. dratted P.E.  Off to swim now…
Okay, back to blank slate on the aussie project. I changed it up a bit more, which is good, but the face… oh the face. I still can’t decide on what to do with it. that red is still way too, well, bright RED.
I’m also considering switching from Charge Dogs, my wordpress blog, back to this one because I can get to it at school… or anywhere! whereas wordpress is blocked at school. Plus on blogspot, I don’t have to have a photohost. It’s just so much easier! So many benefits. But blogspot doesn’t congradulate me when I finish posting like wordpress does. humph.

and now, I present you with a giant random bunch of photos for the day.

 so for dinner we had amazing mini-hamburger sliders (I think that’s what they’re called) made by the Iron Chef, aka, my Mom (yes, she’s secretly an Iron Chef, hahaha)

 with amazing toppings, it was amazing. So we swam and ate and it felt like it was still summer. The ‘school’ part of the day seemed to be yesterday.

 Oh George, I am dreaming of Q’s… did I mention, there’s a CPE trial the weekend before my birthday? I really really want that to be my birthday, no cake, no party. Just maybe me and a friend, and George, at a CPE trial. Oh that would be the life.

 So while I have you drool over some delicious sweetbread buns, I will enchant you with tales of an super unheard of confident George, “dog walkin’ it” in like there’s no  tomorrow. So we worked again on my “dogwalk” which consists of three planks supported by plant pots (they make an extremely sturdy base, you’d be surprised) that’s about a foot tall. basically, the drill we did included a “back up” where he’d back up onto the contact, then “okay” followed by a “hoop” and a shrill “YES!” and a near-earsplitting call of “walk it, George!!!” which he enthusiastically proceeded sprinting forwards and holding a 2o/2o on the bottom. OH YES. we got 6/6 reps. I did some mass rewarding followed by an “okay” and a high pitched (possibly with some jumping up and down) “go through!” sending him towards the tunnel, and more mass rewards.

 and while you’re staring at a bottle of ketchup wondering…. why?  I will explain to you the thrill of having a dog who enjoys agility. There is absolutely nothing like it. I don’t care anymore if he Q’s or even places. I don’t care if he drops bars or misses contacts or who knows what else, we had so much fun, it was insanity… this is what agility is supposed to be about right?  Practicing his “dogwalk” tonight reminded me of that. I didn’t start doing agility because it was frustrating, or because I wanted to ‘make my dog do something’ I started because it looked like fun. And while I started to imply my perfectionist ways (as I often do) the fun started degrading. and now, here we are, after a 6/6 weirdly amazing successful practice, I’m telling myself it’s not about the Q’s. What is wrong with me? at least I get it… I think… who knows.

 so keep drooling, I know, they look amazing. I think, I got my point across. I think I figured this whole thing out. Maybe not, but who cares. I have to take a deep breath, and forget it. The runs don’t have to count for anything. People say run every run like it’s  your last, but I’m saying screw it. What’s the point of even doing agility if it isn’t fun. If there are too many complications and it’s too much of a battle, does it mean we’re going to give up, or keep on fighting? No. That’s not the only way, there’s always another way… Heck one of these days we could even pull off a Q… who knows, it’s possible… right? And then. I will have complete  “told you so” rights, because it’s not about the competition, it’s about what you put into the sport, and most of all… what you get out of it.

 whoops, switch up the focus, keep drooling. I think, maybe, I’m done being inspiring tonight.

 I think also, that I might read some more of Dogged Pursuit. It’s a really good book, maybe that’s where this inspirational nonsense is coming from.

 I mean really, who am I to be inspirational?

 oh yeah, if you’re wondering what happened to all of that drooling and now there are pretty flowers? erm yes. they are being dried. aren’t they pretty!

 what a good day.

 until morning! (now I end with a random chicken, you’re all like …… okay…………….. )



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