it’s the closest to heaven


that I’ve ever been and I don’t want to go home right now,
-the goo goo dolls ; iris (modified)

Today showed me the speed of the world. I woke up late this morning, nothing I wore seemed to look decent and my  hair… whatever. I got to school, stressing, thinking about one too many things. I talked with friends and wasn’t quite there… digital art came and I began to relax. designing things relaxes me (for some bizarre reason) then Government, lunch and finally Sherlock Holmes in english, what a great movie, and what a great way to think. I read ahead in my english packet, having flashbacks to an article I read about the F word no, not that one, get your head out of the gutter. Failure. The inevitable. The article itself was brilliant, I wish I tore it out, but it tells about how failure strengthens you, it opens up an opportunity to change something.
well on that note, allow me to let you drool over some delicious salmon and rice…
 brilliant, I know! It was so good.  So now for a nice butt shot of George, but where are we? that doesn’t look like home….? Well, let me show you around,
 this is my Mom’s friend’s Mom’s field. The equipment belongs to some person who I don’t know, but I am allowed to use it, apparently. I’ve been iffy about it, taking super care of it and noting where everything is so I can leave it exactly how it was before, anyhow… it’s amazing. Like a little piece of heaven, right here, less than two minutes from my house. well, a bit more than that.
 This is our second time at the field, I drove there and now I know where I’ll be every opportunity I get. ahh, I’m listing to Tracy Chapman, Fast Car right now, finally relaxing. George at first, was a bit nervous, sniffing around listing to other dogs, attempting to attack birds and other animals.
 his recall was great, well, almost great. I wasn’t able to call him off this bird who was (in his eyes) ‘an easy catch’ it didn’t fly away when he stalked it… he ALMOST got it. So after a long period of relaxation and getting used to everything. I set up by the weaves… I called him to ‘center’ and ‘down’ and ‘stay’ in which he obliged, as some curious onlookers on bikes with some sort of small-barking-dog in the bike basket watched. 
 I called him to the weaves and he weaved like we’d never left the last time we came. Mass rewarding. I moved a jump to practice weave entries. BAM. again, easy does it, he weaves completley focused on me, the curious onlookers comment ‘wow, good job’ and leave after our second rep. more mass rewarding, more weave playing, he looks forward to it. I don’t have to direct him as much anymore, he’s having fun! 
 this makes me glow, my enthusiasm soars, he’s doing great. a few more reps and we decide to move on to do something else, I give him a huge break, let him explore a bit, run around a bit. I run with him, just around, chasing scents. I’m way hyped up so I’m trying to think of a possible course. But I’m slightly frightened to move the equipment, in case I forget where it all goes.
never the less, we move on to the hoops. 
 she has three set up in a sort-of triangle, not bad, not bad. I work and cross as many times as I feel like, George is slightly bored and wondering why the heck I’m getting so excited when he jogs through the hoops, it’s all in great fun. An older couple with two JRT’s stop to compliment us “hey we’ve got two more you can train” the husband exclaims. I reply “sure! anytime!” he warns me that they’re a handful. Yep, I’ve got one handful already. I know what it feels like. A few more reps and George is bored. I try some distance and he does so lovely. Slowly (jogging) but lovely, possibly fast enough to Q in a novice, veteran course. possibly. 
 so while you’re enjoying these amazing pictures of him weaving (they’re video screen shots taken by my camera, pretty cool, huh.) so yeah, we got a lot of videos. I may put some up tomorrow, if I have the patience to wait for them. After we got bored with the hoops, I decided to take another break, head back to the shade by the weaves, and admire their steel bases. Steel based weaves. That in itself is heaven. I watched George lay and roll in the grass, he was really starting to relax, nothing phased him (except the birds and occasional cottontail) 
 so, we went back to weaving. more greatness. George knows how to make me happy, obviously. I was overjoyed by his weaving, I might have just won the lottery… you probably couldn’t tell the difference if I had. (the first thing I’d do would be to get some of these steel based weaves! hahaha) You have no idea what it’s like to work with PVC weaves that are constantly falling because your insane weaving  monster feels the need to rip them apart, then you practice on steel based weaves, the weave poles do not fall apart, they don’t go flying everywhere. they don’t make big crashing noises that make you flinch. No. they stay there. They’re flexible enough to allow for him to do his crash-weaving but they don’t fall. The actual set of six doesn’t move. What a concept. 
 so yeah. umm. after our second weaving session, we took a break again, then I tried (and failed) at doing a blind cross. I pulled off ONE. ONE out of my million attempts. whatever, it was really fun haha. I just felt weird having George behind me not knowing if he found another bird or if he was really going to jump the next jump! Still, one it’s a start. I’ll get better, as we get better. Just like George. 
So now, a confident, proud smile is plastered on my face as I’m typing this. George is laying on the floor sprawled completley out, he’s tired, we both had an amazing night. So this is what it feels like to be one of those agility people? It feels mighty good. It’s like my massive craving has been filled, for today at least. Oh how I’ll long for it again tomorrow. Humm. We shall see. ;)
 George, being an awesome boy. I think he secretly enjoys it almost as much as I do. I think he’s catching my addiction… I think… I’m pretty sure anyways. I really hope one of these days she’ll have some of her contact equipment set up. 
 more amazing weaves. can you tell I’m getting tired? This is the second day I’ve been skiving off the last part of the post because I’m tired. humph, that’s not good. Anyways. I’m proud, that’s probably all I’ll talk about tomorrow. Everyone will be sick of it. Hah. Tomorrow is club rush (where you get to see all of the schools clubs and sign up) and I get to teach photography, this should be fun. What an awesome week.
all things are possible. so take on the world.
good night.

p.s. here’s an awesome weaving (raw) video, I suggest you turn down the volume:


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