pottermore, like you wouldn’t imagine…


yes, I am a beta member! and as of last night, a Ravenclaw!
just a warning, the entry quiz is nearly impossible to manipulate (trust me.. )  and pottermore itself is highly addictive.  Happily a Ravenclaw though, kind of ironic how it all worked out, I got everything that I hoped for, and more… except I wish they had some sort of chat mechanism. or a way to communicate (other than dueling) with friends / fellow students. But it’s in beta stages, so maybe….. enjoy some screen shots…
 so today, has been awesome, short but hot. This ninty-plus weather is getting to me. But good/weird news, I turn seventeen in two weeks from yesterday! And I’m nearly done with the Government assignment that’s not due for a few weeks! I bet I could finish it, after I get some of these thoughts down…
George is bad. he tried to impress me with his 2o/2o today when I was taping some jumps (like decorating them, they used to be obnoxiously plain… now they’re all work-in-progress)
I finally am registered for the SAT on October 1st at Casa, George’s birthday..
I think I might crimp my hair tomorrow. We’ll see if I wake up early or not.
This whole experimental ‘blog on blogger’ thing is sort-of working. Although today I kind-of found myself missing wordpress… until I realized that I couldn’t upload photos on there. thank you, blogger. It’s a tough battle now I tell you. (feel free to tell me what you think, I’m still not sure if I like this transition or not..)
If you are looking to be inspired by an amazing person, look no further. I am debating spreading a rumor that she’s coming here, again, in September… but I’m not quite sure yet. I didn’t really pull out my camera today, odd, I know, today was just odd. Thinking about priorities and such, planning… it all makes me stressed out.
and just for kicks, Ravenclaw rocks. In the lead, take that. haha..

[ click photo to enlarge ]


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