don’t stop thinking about tomorrow


don’t stop, it’ll soon be here… It’ll be here, better than before- yesterday’s gone- yesterday’s gone
fleetwood mac.
[click photo to enlarge]
one hundred and five photos today. (not to mention the edited one… ) but I didn’t upload half of those photos…
today was a long friday, perhaps because I am tired, and it’s hot. ahh I sound like such a complainer. (that’s a word now, don’t question it)
 so the resident Iron Chef decided to go and cook some delicious things, after all, it’s my cousin Ava’s birthday party tomorrow! 
 so I had a photo-ful after-school.
my goodness it’s HOT.
 below is home-made granola, it was delicious!!
 YUM! Anyways, I put my name/contact info on the sign up clipboard for the photography club at my school. I don’t even know why I signed up. It just seemed like a good idea at the time. 
 I have to figure out how to write a newspaper article Q&A (about policies and such, just clarifying matters). I think it should be fun, I’ll be reading more Q&A type articles to give me some sort of an idea on what to do.
 there are so many thoughts going through my head once again, I don’t know how I’m going to sleep (this is the second night in a row this has happened) so maybe I’ll write it down/type it.
 (above, stack of cheese)
1. David. praying for favorable, please help me pray too
2. George. it’s going to be ninty-something tomorrow, and what’s he going to do for a lot of the day. Hopefully not dig.
3. Jake. Jake. Jake. I’m watching a ton of videos about reinforcing calm behaviors. and I’m going to hopefully start working with him/ teach Ava / somebody how to work with him
4. SAT’s. eew.
5. Gov Homework, it’s due in a month. I’m still thinking about it. (and I wonder how I got into ravenclaw..  haha)
6. driving. need I say more?
7. college apps, why are they so confusing?? colleges (here anyways) need to fix-up their websites. argh.
8. What are we going to do in Newspaper next week. We’re ahead of my amazing little schedule…. got to make a new one
9. agility is where I want my life to be right now. I keep wishing for ‘trial weekends’ like normal agility people. they don’t get how lucky they are, but I HAVE to focus on school, but still, they manage…
 I have too much going on inside my head right now, I don’t think I feel like sharing the rest, I don’t know if it’s working writing typing it out. Speaking of typing: I typed 90wpm in my computer apps class. with corrections. I’m shooting for a hundred eventually, but who knows. I’m currently averaging at about 80something wpm.
 10. there are thirteen days until I turn seventeen, that means, thirteen days and one year until my *last day* as an agility junior. why. why. why.
11. what to wear tomorrow. I’m going to the bay area, good bye hot weather, I don’t think I’ll be missing you until ice falls from the sky- speaking of, the weather was a bit cooler than usual, but maybe because it was six o’clock.

my parents were talking about taking this disgusting temperature gage down, but these pictures are always so awesome… I hope they don’t, even though it’s gross. It’s a fun subject to shoot.
 the resident Iron Chef also made soup, if it wasn’t so hot, I would be scarfing this down right now…..
it looks so delicious Mom!
 that’s right, keep drooling,
 Nordstrom magazine. My friend, Kimmie (soon-to-have-a-blog) is on the Nordstrom fashion board and also works there. We talked about having a fashion show for Newspaper, I think it’d be brilliant.
 sorry about all of these randomly fragmented thoughts,
maybe some home-made granola in a jar? It’s pretty. 
 and George, oh George. What a trouble maker.
 We played ‘walk it’ on our three-planks-and-two-pots-make-shift-dogwalk, he’s getting so confident and his drive to “walk it” is amazing, it makes me so happy, he’ll do it just for fun, to race me or whatever. I just have to see how he does on a real one. (the planks are a half-inch wider than a regular dogwalk)
 he kept two out of five 2o/2o, he was being overly confident and decided he knew what I was going to ask of him and take the tunnel / hoop before I released him from the 2o/2o. I had him back up on the board, hold it, then break and do certain obstacle. it was all very very fun. like a new game. 
 and we did some funny tunnel work. George discovered he could pick up my tunnel (mind you, it’s only a children’s vinyl tunnel, so it is very light) with his mouth! “Get the Tunnel!” must now be added to his trick list. Now he can help me set up agility equipment.
 I see the Jake-monster tomorrow, I’m debating clicker or no clicker. Should I just use the “yes” marker? He’s never been exposed to a clicker before, is now a good time. I’m thinking it’s not, because it is Ava’s birthday and I don’t know if I can be consistent. So I think I’ll bring it, but maybe not use it. I’ll just use the “yes” marker. Humph. Why is this so confusing. Well I think I’ll try to just work on ‘being calm’
 “life’s like an hourglass glued to the table” Anna Nalick, Breathe.
ahh, I’m tired. can you tell?
but this time, we’re only making pizza. 
 no, Mason, you’re not dinner tough-guy. He’s the toughest fish ever.
 dried flowers! (above)

and my Q&A Agility book with [one of] the pages full of Silvia Trkman pictures, haha.
this book is amazing- originally published in the UK, it talks about handling methods and fun stuff like that.

 I’ve actually learned a lot about dog/human behavior from it (I don’t think that was the intention, but oh well, whatever you can get right? haha) It’s all really really interesting and I’m enjoying it thoroughly. 
 PIZZA! and soup,
 and now… my SAT admission ticket, just because I didn’t post a picture yesterday. oops.
I’m tired, if you didn’t know- so I’m going to sleep:), good night.


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