you ‘aint seen nothin’ yet.


 -“batman” turner overdrive.

of course it’s Tuesday! usually the best day of the week…
it started out great anyways,

okay fine. it’s supposed to be dollar scoop at Baskin Robins (hey look, free advertisement!) but we soon found out it only applies from six to eight. so sad.
So they day ended. I did some homework, and ate an awesome dinner… we finally go to head out, I drop Sean off at soccer and head to the agility field. Bad news. They took down everything. Argh. Nothing there. So I stuck it out, said whatever and headed back to Sean’s soccer practice. I figured George and I could do an experiment there since that park is typically filled with people and dogs… and see how he handles the stress. You know- tree agility stuff.
 George did excellently, obviously his treats were a great motivator and though his attention drifted off while I had him in a down-stay, he sniffed the air, glanced at dogs running by on leash (he was naked, no leash, no collar) glancing every couple seconds warily at the kid and  his dad playing catch with the football near by. 
 yes George, I would be wary as well. His recalls were 100%. No hesitation what so ever, regardless of the treat status (although I found if I did have treats, he’d RUN towards me whereas if I didn’t, he’d just jog, like “okay, okay” lazy boy.. ) 
 but I suppose that is obvious. If someone were calling you (you knew, not some stranger) you’d probably come over, but if they were holding some money (for you) you would go much faster. See, there’s more of a reason to “come”
 We also did tree agility- a bit. Did I mention that? I had him sit stay and we worked on wraps around trees. It was entertaining although he started missing trees and circled around his own non-existent trees once he got tired of my game. Fine. it’s not good enough because it doesn’t involve three planks of wood (which now every time I go back to the agility-ish-alley of the yard, he takes every opportunity to sprint across the planks, sometimes he holds his 2o/2o but he found because I’m not out there all the time watching- he isn’t always rewarded. So now he only holds it if I beat him to the end  of the three planks calling wildly for him to “touch it George!!!” 
 then he stops and looks up at me like whut? and I praise him like he just broke a world record) yeah. He loves the plank-dog-walk-wanna-be.
below is an outtake. I couldn’t focus fast enough, but it was really really really obnoxiously cute, even though it’s SO BLURRY. argh. why. It’s okay. One of these days I’ll get super fast at my camera. For now enjoy the epic bokeh in the back… hahaha.
 so basically, today flew by. It’s Tuesday after all. I was totally looking forward to agility, and sitting at the park with George made me think of stuff. Well, not sitting, running circles around trees. We must have looked like complete fools.  who cares.
 but anyways, it made me think. Had we not gone to the park, I would not have seen his reaction to a higher stress amount than at the agility field. I would not know that we could step it up and maybe possibly go play at a dog park, and do tricks and stuff. Maybe we can step up our game. Maybe he has a chance. Gosh, all of these possibilities, I’m still dreaming of Q’s. ahh good dreams.
so in boring school-related news (because I know that’s all you want to hear about haha) I’m all set to graduate. I’m all set to be accepted into a university. if I want to go that rout. I’m so stressed out about where I’m going though… I just want to make the right decision, you know..

 to-be edited soccer photos of my brother  & Sammy  are in the “read more” section…

theeeee end!

2 Responses to “you ‘aint seen nothin’ yet.”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Wow, great action shots!

  2. Nicole Says:

    thank you! may I ask who this anonymous commenter is?


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