and the train leaves for Hogwarts…


I am so extremely happy today, for multiple reasons.
because when one of your homework assignments is to take seven photos, you know life is too good to be true!!!

I have been having a fast, crazy day today. My digital art teacher, set the tone for today when I ran into her (not literally) in the IB building hallway, she excitedly complemented me about my photos. She might have just given me a million dollars I was so happy. Usually I’m a critic of my own work, then when somebody complements me, BAM. I feel amazing. So the day continues…. I managed to type 103 words per minute, no errors. (see above screen shot, don’t laugh, that’s a school computer, okay, fine, you can laugh)

 so um, soup! The resident Iron Chef is making soup for my uncle (gosh thanks to French, I always start to spell and say “oncle” instead of “uncle”) who has cancer and will soon be a survivor, erm, so it’s kind of a lot to ask for, but if you could, keep paying for him I would be forever grateful. 
 anyways, back to today. erm, then came Newspaper, I had a slight energy crash. Okay, it was crazy weird, I felt all tired, weird right? well apparently it was good because then in P.E. we were going to “run the mile” well, that’s what we thought. So me and my friend decided why not get it over with and sprint. We ended up running a mile and a half in 9 something minutes. Do you know how fast that is? Insane right? well, we were racing. I’m competitive and so is she… well, we found out he just wanted to walk the track for twenty minutes.  do you know how long twenty minutes is? we raced some more, because it was fun. after a while, my competitive nature began to relax, I was just messing around.  and did I mention we had to play flag football afterwords? my goodness I was sweating. nasty.
 no reason for this random lolly pop I just liked the bokeh-ish thing in the background, very interesting…
so my day was a total feel-good day. So umm, in honor of the train leaving for Hogwarts today, I played some pottermore and showed it to people, who were fascinated. My goodness, today was crazy.
 Then finally I went home, I messed with my brother’s friends in the car some more, always entertaining. Then I when I got home, I began to do my homework for the next couple of weeks, you see, I must be some sort of geek, my homework for this week is done. So I work on homework for this month, it’s all good. It’s kind-of nice not procrastinating for once. Well, I am sort-of procrastinating. See that photo below, you’re probably like… what..? well, click here, I need help deciding on what photos to use for my digital art project STILL. It’s due on September 30th. Go ahead, say it. overachiever. Well since when was taking photos homework?
 umm yeah my laptop screen is kind of gross. I need a screen cleaner maybe.
So I got to work on homework that’s due towards the end of this month, yeah, I’ll go there.
enjoy my desk. This is how it looks most of the time
 So the day isn’t over yet, it’s only six o’ four. Who knows what could happen? So I couldn’t help but think about agility. Tori and Revolution are coming to California soon, I want to meet them! Anyways, they’ll be at the TRACS (USDAA) trial on the 17th… and so far nothing is then so maybe I can call that my birthday present. Maybe she can talk to my mom about me living with a dog in college. Ahh I want to do agility so badly. I mean, I don’t just want to do agility I want to do great in agility. With an eight year old mutt? All of the odds are against us… who cares? (maybe I can get a puppy?:))
 I’m so tired, and I can’t decide on a self portrait for digital art. see? they all turn out like that.
ahh, whatever. I’ll get one eventually – but look at my agenda, so far, senior year is turning out to be fantastic…. oh yeah, I’m going to Chipotle tomorrow with Rebecca!! Just feeding the addiction, haha. (intentional pun there… )
Hopefully this weekend I’ll go to the beach, Bodega sounds so nice right now… I really miss going there every weekend, I mean- I miss the sound of waves and sticking my bare toes in the sand and watching my dog frantically look at the waves. Camera? well, it depends on the weather. Rain = No Camera, because last time when it was raining, my poor camera and I got drenched. good memories…


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