the grand torino


I watched a move tonight that put everything in perspective, everything. Life is never as bad as it seems in that film, most of us don’t have to deal with gangs in the family, real ghetto’s and hate crimes. We don’t have to lie awake at night praying that our house won’t be the victim of a drive-by shooting. I almost feel, it is safe to say as Walt would have put it- we are “pussies” So erm, yeah. movie recommended, if you want to cry your eyes out and not feel sorry for yourself any more. If you couldn’t tell, I’m kind-of-very-sick of people and their constant annoying drama. okay, who cares if you get some guy, you’re in high school. life goes on…… or does it? maybe I’m wrong? what? 
 Yep. stupid, annoying remarks. Well, this is my new foster tree, it’s a Japanese Maple, ‘growing’ in a vase and living on my nightstand. It receives the majority of it’s light from my lamp. And I plan on watering it, so hopefully it won’t die and I’ll have a tree in my room. 
 So trying to get my head past that movie. I want to soak it in, and remember it, but not that much… it revealed so much of ‘lower america’ I felt pretty fortunate. I mean, it’s not that big of a deal if sometimes things don’t work out the way you want them to. You have to shape the world around you, it’s never that bad. And if you’ve got a problem, face it. Don’t talk behind other people’s backs. What good does that ever do?
 so erm yeah. College thoughts. George will be ten years old by the time I leave for college. I will be mortified. That is, if I do leave for college. You see, I’ve got a lot of choices I need to make right now and I am slightly, well, truthfully, unsure of where to go and what to do. I wish people weren’t so cryptic with their replies when I ask for advice. I just want a straight-up answer.
 Hello friend. I just changed the shutter speed and voila! it’s blue and night-time-ish. See, life isn’t all that bad! So George, since we’re here. We worked on some retrieving skills today, various objects, high rewarding. I think his brain was on hyper drive so half the time he wasn’t thinking correctly. Gosh George.
 (below) he’s like “look, I can be inspirational too” oh, wait, George- that’s a bird..
so I finished my digital art homework today, and now as I’m typing this I’m realizing I forgot to switch back the settings on my camera. My image size is still “small” No wonder I was able to upload twenty eight pictures so fast. whoops, it’s still good quality, the image is just a bit smaller than usual. 
 So, about today- ignore the above text, (okay, if you want to)  let me get to the important stuff… I was finally informed of the results to David (my uncle’s) test- not favorable. But the good news is, he’s got soup (see yesterday’s post) and he’s back at home! So he’s feeling a bit stronger and he didn’t need blood today. So please please please pray for him.
 Today felt like it was Thursday, I kept waiting to go to paws and for longer classes, but nope. not today. Today is Friday (TGIF), I had all of my classes, in Government we watched the 9/11 documentary again- so I’ve watched three movies today and two out of the three were depressing (the third was Taming the Shrew or something like that- Shakespeare, you know, I would have rather read it)
 Digital Art first period has become the highlight of my day, today we looked up ‘Great Photography’ I went to my flickr favorites. I know what I consider to be ‘great’ good grief, I’m such a critic though.. So this post is becoming wildly out of order but I don’t really care, I’m just releasing thoughts as they come, sorry about that for those of you who enjoy things being in chronological order.
 Last period, PE. I am starting to actually enjoy PE… I was kind-of dreading it as I’m one out of a very few amount of seniors in my period… but I like sports and getting to know new people, so it was all in good fun. We played basketball in the gym today. It felt nice being in air conditioning instead of this heat.
 So hoop pictures. I scored a ton of baskets from the free throw line. This never happens, but I think I’ve figured it out, maybe.  So I was “shooting hoops” (pun intended) with my camera instead of a ball, and no way I didn’t throw my camera, I took pictures of the hoop. haha.. 
 after school, I went to Chipotle with some awesome people. The awkward (insert the title for a person who works at chipotle) took a photo of us with Jasmine’s phone.I’m in the back left, being blocked. whoops. It was still really fun… thanks Jasmine, I just stole your photo.
so then….. people started leaving. I went with Daphne to Borders and we were entertained for an hour and a half… possibly more. We talked about things and we found the most interesting books… and then we talked about how sad it was that Borders is closing. It’s true, where are we supposed to go now. argh.
 So I decided to finish my digital art project. My house is so interesting, but I didn’t know what counted. Could I focus on the tree, and have the house blurred (maybe bokeh) in the background? Could I be on the side and capture the bricks and the window? There were so many possibilities so I just uploaded what I thought might work. 
 I rather like the lighting in this one, the tilt is a bit to cheezy for me. it makes me feel like I’m trying to make my house look creepy or something? I’m not, I just saw the shot and took it.. it’s kind-of interesting.
 so this is my preferable photo. It’s totally me to lie down in the grass and take a shot looking up. This is how an ant sees my house, therefore it qualifies- right? Well… maybe an ant doesn’t see it like this… but I think it adds interest to the photo and the grass manages to guide your eyes up to the soft, red, brick house. Or do your eyes go to the house first? I would think they’d go to the focus, regardless of the house being red.
 but then again, I’m not entirely sure- so I took this photo as maybe a back up. Still down low in the grass, just the focus is on the house this time. The house is off center and sort-of crooked, adding some sort of interest. I can’t analyze my own pictures, this doesn’t work. I critique myself too much. argh!!!
 okay above was an outtake but his expression was adorable so I had to upload it. I’m quite horrible at juggling dog treats and manually focusing my camera (because of the lighting conditions, my camera has a hard time finding contrast points to use in auto focus, so I prefer to manually focus. I sound like a geek. hahaha) 
 George looks adorable, with his one ear up. He’s slightly confused at what I’m asking him to do. “wait, I’m sitting so I get the treat now?” he’s asking, eyeballing the treat in my hand. Soon after he’ll hear the shutter close and know it’s time to get his treat. Why did I waste that whole one dollar on a clicker when I could just use my camera?
 now you can really tell I’m tired, my humor is getting lame. Above is another outtake that I couldn’t bear not to upload. Look at that alligator, his teeth look massive. Of course, they aren’t really that big but the slow shutter speed dragged them out. But you get the effect. Perhaps you can imagine his draws snapping shut on the frisbee and George looking quite pleased with himself.
 there you go- except it’s dark. 
 Now I started trying for a real silhouette picture. Silhouettes are really my weakness, possibly the only one. I am not quick enough with my shutter speed and ISO for this. But who needs focus right?
 yeah, they turned out ‘okay’ but super boring. in fact I don’t really like any of them. blah.
 so fuzzy bokeh for you.

 and don’t forget to recycle!
I took this on my way inside-
 and had a brownie-snack before sitting down to watch The Grand Torino, which, by the way is a very gorgeous car and a very sad, but good movie.
and good night.


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