so yeah… about today…


 well, erm, to be honest- most of it sucked. yeah, there are pictures so it wasn’t half-bad… just.. eh.
 I had an amazing nutella/cream cheese toasted bagel breakfast that I’m positive I didn’t need, but in my defense, it was delicious and we have a TON of nutella-
 foster-tree is thriving in my room currently. It loves my window.
 and I started to take one of the sample SAT’s to study, but you know how that goes… when your brother who’s in fifth grade has a project, it’s a family project.
 then, there was a suckish part of the day, but after stuff was resolved, we went outside for some night time swimming and after I had my fill of swimming I snatched my camera for some interesting shots…

 I had my shutter speed on like 15-20ish…
 left my ISO on auto…. haha, I’m not used to shooting in such dark conditions
 and flash was off, as usual.
 some of these look like they’re from a horror story, the cool water color is no filter, that’s just the pool lights. 
 creepy, eh?
I tried for some silhouettes, but none of them really turned out (I try to hard to get bokeh in my picture! gah.)
 now for some epic forced bokeh..

 right now, the song Clocks by Coldplay is repeating in my head, humph.

okay, I’m done for the day- good night!


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