happy birthday’s and hot rods


the taste of anger is fresh on my tongue, and thus I feel I must rant. so if you don’t care for a rant on the idiocy and hypocracy of people, just ignore the words,… however if you’re in for a good show of genuine frustration- feel free to read and add to it, if you want.
If you know me in the slightest, you must know never to talk to me about dogs unless you actually know about them (or want to learn something, but be warned, this may often trigger ranting.. ). Ignorance will make me dislike you… well, that’s a nice way to put it- ignorance will be a cause for me to loathe you. If you are a hypocrite, beware. I will rip everything  you say to shreds. That’s just the way it is… though, mind you I have quite a bit of self control, but I too, have my limits and typically it’s best if I leave before I explode. Typically I go towards the internet and release my anger without pausing to name names or give details (which I will refrain from doing so here as well) Typically my anger is channeled in a way that is not destructive, just criticism… and all anonymous.
but here, I feel as though I must rant, so people know it’s me. So they won’t push me to such limits that I might accidentally explode in their ignorant faces. excuse me.

okay, so much for the pep-talk. I’ve decided against ranting. I’ll let the anger bubble and simmer inside of me, and you guys can just enjoy the pretty pictures-

 this is Misty… one of the causes of my rant-that-never-came.

so pretty much, Happy Birthday to Paw and Cayla.
and to David; feel better okay! we’re all here for you!!!!!
and to everyone else- keep praying. (and thanks for my presents, really thank you!)


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