when there’s a will, there’s a way…


so um, I think if my life were digital art and agility, it would be complete. That’s honestly all I want to do right now… but of course, life is- well- life… but today ended wonderfully… George seemed to realize it was my birthday and we had the best agility practice ever. Honestly, I didn’t think any equipment would be out today. But I got a call, that almost everything was out today… well, almost everything was out today and we had an amazing practice- and I got some videos (to be uploaded… eventually…)

 so um, today school wise never seemed to end, but that was okay. I got home, was tired did homework and then. the phone call. okay, fine, it wasn’t that dramatic. 
 so Sean had soccer, George and I went to agility, it was heaven. He was super drivey, and motivated, and  he was actually running (plus I have video proof!) It was beyond amazing. A lab walked by, and people in cars turned to stare. and this wild crazy golden retriever ran up to the fence and started barking, George whined a bit, but continued to listen. 
 I think maybe somehow he knew it was my birthday tomorrow, or he finally started really enjoying agility, or something because he was putting everything into his runs! After a super long course, I would take all of the bars down (they’re set at 16″) and run him through barless jumps. I am still currently wondering where all of this all-of-a-sudden motivation is coming from. But I won’t question it, I’ll take it.
 He’s sticking out his tongue at the jealous golden retriever who barked at us and watched the whole time.
I am an agility addict, if it were up to me, I would do this forever.

 and vans. what better shoes to run in? I don’t know, they’re just over-broken-in and extremely comfortable, they could be slippers you know.

 so this is the field. gorgeous steel based weaves & tunnel in the back. and marvelous array of equipment all around. ahh, plus a nice field with soft grass that makes it easy to run.

 so good day, next time I post, I will be seventeen…strange right?
(this is day four, and my foster-tree has a buddy now, and is still doing well….. )


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