today is my birthday


today was my birthday…
 so before I let you enjoy the photos. I’d like to thank my Mom & Dad for a very amazing breakfast & dinner (and cupcakes)!! thank you a ton, and also Rebecca, delicious chocolate chip cookies and Kimmie, I’ll be wearing that scarf tomorrow ;) and that box is pretty awesome. And to everyone else who wished me a happy birthday, thank you!!  … so let your eyes enjoy the delicacies….
 lulu kabobs and sparkling raspberry(?) juice. 

 pita bread and fresh vegetables 

 my cupcake! 

when all is said and done…
this is what I hate about birthdays, as the sun comes up- your hopes begin to soar, dreaming of the possibilities of  the day, your hopes rising as the day goes on, as people wish you a happy birthday… and as many wishes you blow on those candles, by the end of the day, your hopes crash.
yeah, I knew this would happen, it happens every year, particularly why I don’t enjoy my birthday… because I feel as though I can’t ask for anything… my birthday makes me feel ungrateful, like nothing I do in the world can thank someone for the gifts they’ve given me. Like all I do is want. So I don’t ask for anything. I hate that feeling.
and then, by the end of the day, after all is said and done, I sit there, my heart in my hands and I remind myself. It’s just one day, out of the whole year. Maybe next year they’ll forget.
but that’s just me, I’m not exactly ‘average’… most people look forward to their birthday, because they ask for things and they get what they want. But hey, I’m not most people. 



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