does anybody really know what time it is?


does anybody really care? … a survival guide, when life is bringing you down, how to get back up…
okay, yeah, this means lots of boring photos and kind-of weird, unconnected text.. that may seem pointless, but  never the less, ’tis my blog, ’tis what I shall post-
 er yeah, I’m studying for my gov test, I think I’m pretty ready for it.. but I got a B on the last one so I have to have an A plus on this one, to make my grade go back to a high A again… so huge yay today, Trishala came to visit, (former Newspaper Editor in Chief) and basically told me that if I start computer science, either, I’ll be addicted or I’ll absolutely hate it. She suggested trying it out next summer at the community college. I think I will… it’s all good ideas. My goodness, her coming made me feel old. Two years ago she was Editor in Chief, that feels like yesterday to me. ahh I missed that girl.

so now… for the how-to-get-back-up-guide-thing:

 step one: listen to good music, I recommend Chicago: Does Anybody Really Know What Time it Is? or maybe Johnny Cash: Get Rythm, both are quite motivational. How can you be miserable and listen to such awesome songs? It just doesn’t work.
step two: one the good music is playing, distract your brain, if you don’t have anything at all to do, I recommend (well, if you’re an agility addict, like me) invision (is this right or is it envision? I’ve always spelled it with an “i” but spell check is telling  me I’m wrong.. )  course maps, or your future agility puppy. If you’re not an agility addict like me, or you know that might leave you heartbroken (thinking about a new puppy makes me heart broken) then make a list of all the good things that happened today, no matter how small.
if you absolutely cannot find something funny, watch Bon Qui Qui at King Burger, or read Hayden’s blog… both are quite amazing.

step three: once you’re thinking about something good happened today, go text somebody, or call somebody. avoid cup-is-half-empty type people and stick with those you know are cheery, don’t even mention what’s bringing  you down. (if you have a good friend, they’ll most likely text you back, if not- get some new friends;)
step four: hopefully, by now, you’ve forgotten your troubles. If not, repeat the process. by then, someone will answer you… and eventually you’ll forget.

best of luck….

okay, you guessed it. worse day than yesterday. but if you walked up to me, you would never know, except I almost lost it when Cav (my newspaper adviser) told us a made-up-cry-me-a-river story then I almost totally lost it when I was being yelled at for helping. whoops. I almost wanted to sas and say, guess I won’t do that again. But come on, we all have bad days sometimes. Feeding the fire with fire, doesn’t make the fire go away, it just makes…well… more fire? yeah. so I figured no, maybe we can turn today around. There’s still time. There’s always a chance to make a change. That brings me to my Dad telling me ‘you can do anything you set your mind to’ and my brain’s first thought, IFCS WAC. yeah, someday, it’s going to happen. Ah, so if those four steps don’t work… you could always make a blog, that always helps, it helps me vent and think about all of the amazing things that happen.

George and I did no such training today. I’m hoping that maybe the agility equipment will be up tomorrow…my goodness, tomorrow is FRIDAY. the week is over!!
oh yeah, I forgot to post a photo of my tree yesterday, but here’s to day six!

good night, back to studying! (I’m pretty sure I’ve got it all down plus an index card so… )

3 Responses to “does anybody really know what time it is?”

  1. K9friend Says:

    We all feel down from time to time, but thankfully it passes. You have listed some excellent suggestions for getting rid of those dark clouds.And by the way, a belated happy birthday to you!!!

  2. K9friend Says:

    P.S. I signed on as your follower, but Blogger forced me to be a weird shadow person. Oh well…

  3. Nicole Says:

    thank you!! ah blogger! it still uses my old icon for when I follow people… I love your blog


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