cupcakes and severe addiction


So, it’s the weekend… and I didn’t have plans. I got a lot of boring things done… which was good. my face is still, well, the same as yesterday. Kind of interesting though, I thought about David, and he called! More prayers and positive thoughts… he needs them.

 so today, I’m going to taunt you with some photos of delicious cup cakes.
no, not on purpose, I thought they were pretty so I’d get a few pictures. 
 so sort-of like I predicted, I was longing to do agility so much today, it was crazy. I even put together a video  of clips we had gotten from various practice occasions, read all of the clean run freebie magazines and articles on their forum. (which were quite interesting and …I think I learned a lot) 
I need a distraction, I’m going crazy.  So, um, tomorrow is September 11th, ten years from the attack on the World Trade Center. There’s this thing going around on facebook called moment of virtual science or something rather… but I won’t be participating- you see, I find it more honorable to write a tribute. or something. I don’t know, I think facebook is really lame- but that’s just me. 

aaaannnd above is the guilty boy. He was so happy, it made me sad when I went out to clean up and feed him he got so excited. I don’t even know what to think anymore- but here is the video I told you about. Addicted, I know.



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