never forget.


September 11, 2001.

I was in second grade, it was a Tuesday, and a normal school day… I was in second grade, and I didn’t understand what had happened. I sort-of remember the Principal explain what had happened over the loud speaker. I don’t remember my teacher’s reaction… but I remember the long, somber moment of silence that took place and the hours upon hours of watching the news, replays of smoke piling out of a huge building and their collapse, over and over and over again. It never seemed to end.

Ten Years Later,
The world trade center is being re built, a huge memorial in the place of the twin towers. I’ve watched, year after year, tributes and footage of 9/11, and each year I pray for those who lost their lives at Ground Zero…..

but as you probably sat and watched at least one of the TV tributes, I won’t drag on and on and bring the day down. I feel as though instead of year after year spending this day mourning, to rise up and remember the victim’s lives, and bring pies or giant buckets of icecream (I’ve had dinner at the fire house before, they eat a TON so one pie won’t nearly be enough.. ) to a fire station or police station… and be thankful that you are safe and healthy today.

 so you’re probably wondering- what the heck? a BBQ on September 11th?! well, part of it is for tomorrow, we’re having family-friends over and well, I couldn’t stand not taking pictures of such amazing food.

 so enjoy, and don’t drool too much, I wouldn’t want the electronic device you’re viewing this from to be ruined… that would be bad.

 so I had a good day today, I got quite a bit done, surprisingly… more boring stuff and Lourin and Linda came over (my… well… we call them cousins, they’re related to me somehow.. )


 George has been behaving normally, well, extremely clingy, I guess it’s because he misses following me around the house and agility training and other training… I miss it more dude, maybe this little break is a learning experience. Well, I hope so, I think. 

 In agility news- I’m overly excited about this, and getting to chill with Tori and Rev. I promise to overload on photos and videos..

 So, erm, I was really looking forward to the rain that the weather channel was predicting, too bad it never came (it’s supposed to, tomorrow!) … so I made my own rain, actually, it’s just a couple drops of water…

 but really, I can’t wait for fall, see I’m already looking for fall-like colors.

 and the sky parted… it looked like heaven was opening or something. ten years from 9/11… was that it? or was it just a good day?

never forget.

that’s the roof.
good night.


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