the golden doors of opportunity


Today was amazing, I got to see ‘family’ (who live on Maui and only get to see once a year, with the exception of Lindsey, who went home early) and heard from Megan (with Kai & Hanna), we use their equipment at THE field – I’m meeting them tomorrow at agility, and maybe signing up for 4H! exciting stuff- but wait, I’m not done yet, I also get to see Tori & Rev on Saturday, yes Tori and THE miss Rev… and Kimmie got her request for our Newspaper Fashion show to take place!!!! (I’ll blog about it since she doesn’t have her own blog to talk about it on yet..)
No photos today, I don’t feel like uploading to blogger and waiting to write. I just want to write, take it all in, spit it all back out onto the internet and go to sleep. actually study Government vocab. Who needs sleep right?
George is acting normally, my face is nearly healed (like tomorrow it’ll probably be almost-normal, the swelling is down, the scabs are beginning to peel – sorry, TMI, I know…)
Tomorrow, George probably won’t do much agility. I want to work him to keep it in his head, but I don’t want to work him too much as I haven’t been doing anything with him around the house… okay, I lied… today I had him do tricks for a piece of bread somebody spilled on the floor. He was so excited, it made me so happy.
Today has been amazing… it might as well have been my birthday.
Tomorrow I’ll take my Gov test, meet Megan, and hopefully George will behave. 

Good night! Photos tomorrow! 
(that reminds me, I should charge my camera……. )


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