there is no better feeling in the world


coming home from a wonderful night, doing the best thing in the world (well, to me)
 where for the most part, your teammate behaved and gave everything we did 110%
 and you got to make a new friend who shares the same passion as you
 and you got to train and train and train 
and your teammate did everything you asked, and surprised you with more (with holding a 2o/2o on the A Frame- when I didn’t ask for it- I want to teach his aframe/ dogwalk running and obsessively playing on the teeter)  
 and you got to watch dogs play agility, right by your house…
 I think maybe, I might just be in heaven.
 and I think I might just be going back tomorrow.
I think I might just have found heaven on earth…
Hanna says Hi, Kai is focusing. They’re so awesome- So is Megan! 
 Thanks for an amazing agility-night and letting me borrow your CR Magazines!!!
okay! good night, I’ll be reading Clean Run until I fall asleep!


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