I think I’ve found heaven on earth.


let me introduce Kai (the tri border collie in the back)
and Hanna, who’s currently smiling at you right now!
their owner is Megan, and they are our new agility friends who we get to train with.
okay before I start talking about how awesome they are, let tell you about last night.
 the teeter. I wanted to start playing bang games because George has never done a real teeter before, but George, the overachiever, decided he wanted to- erm. So I started out playing the bang game but he made up his mind that not only did he want to pull the teeter down- he wanted to run across it, too. So he did… of course the teeter (thankfully) was lowered like in the photo because he didn’t hold his 2o/2o at the end until I asked him to back up.
 the a-frame. I want to do running, however, the first time he got led over Megan’s lowered A-Frame, he held  his 2on/2off. He was being pretty fearless, but I want to train it running so we started working on stride work. (two jumps & the box method) I have to make the box today so we can practice at home.
 the dogwalk. we did six or seven reps (I think) over a flat dogwalk that was on the ground with a hoop at the end to give him a target… he loved racing me which was really fun! the last one was the very best one, he was driving ahead of me. I don’t usually get that out of George, but he loves his contacts apparently so that’s George for you!
 Megan’s dogs were brilliant, both are super driven and fast, Hanna is a ball hog like George normally is… but George was too busy chasing Kai around. He is socially awkward for the most part, but he does have a crush on Kai… which is kind of annoying, but during training he listened wonderfully!

I’ve been reading these two CR Magazines that Megan loaned me and I think we’ll be going back tomorrow!!!!


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