Running A-Frame [groundwork] day 2


Sadly, I was not able to get a ride to the field today, but I am going to talk about what we’re doing…
I started groundwork day two, getting more distance between me and the box on the ground. If you’re wondering I’ve decided to train a running a-frame… just to give you an idea what we’re working on- here’s a sort of messed-up diagram… of course, use your imagination and pretend my lines are decent and my measurements scaled… but of course, it’s paint. It didn’t even let me add text!

but I’m the red happy face, I move from place to place trying to stay about ten feet away from the box, which is the contact. George jumps over the first jump, (we can’t decide if that first jump is the apex or not) then bounces where the four foot marker is and where the nine foot marker is and hops into the box. If he does this, he gets rewarded.
so far, we went six for six… as my neighbor let his dog, Aaki out to join us and I had to go and it was getting late. George is so enthusiastic about pouncing into the box one of these days I’ll have to get it on video.
So as far as planned, George and I will be heading back to the field with Megan on Friday (the gardener comes tomorrow) and we’ll be able to play agility forever!!
Also, the “Hippie Dogs” came to CA today, and on Saturday we’ll get to see them trial! (maybe with Megan!!)
and last but not least- I might be able to get into a dog 4H! there’s only one spot left… so we’ll see.
but fingers crossed!
… off to read clean run!



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