he’s one of those fifty-year-old body builders


yep. That’d be George. One of those Iron men, who, for the first time actually played with a dog! Yes, my social outcast (as far as other dogs go) played!!! for the first time!! Of course, this is all because he has a crush on Kai, I don’t blame him- she’s gorgeous.
So we worked more confidence on the teeter. He loves the fact that the teeter tips just like his board at home and he’ll hold a 2on 2off with out any problems when I ask him to “back up” (sometimes it’s all four on the yellow.. ) but when the teeter lands back down, he is showing beginning signs of jumping off, which is bad… so I think the plan is I’m going to have to hold the teeter and lower it slowly as he walks over to keep him from doing that so he gets used to the motion.
We also got five(ish) reps on the lowered a-frame done, his “hit it” is working very well, totally enthusiastic about jumping into that box, we had a couple of fly-offs, but it was all my fault, I slipped and said “okay” instead of “hit it” and George, trying to figure out what I want him to do goes “okay means jump right” and jumps. I have to proof myself.
We also worked twelve weaves, I was pleased at his entries, he did really well (we haven’t worked twelve weaves in ages) during a few reps he’d miss a pole or skip the end, but that just says we have to practice more weaves. Or maybe he was getting bored/tired.
Megan let me run Kai through her weaves, my goodness she is fast and has so much drive, and her weaves, Smart girly. She is so effortless to run, or at least it felt that way to me. (as opposed to George who would rather stick to your side)
Although George did misbehave a bit, marking too much. That iron man. tsk, tsk. My fault again. I need to work around other dogs more often and not be such a scardy-cat that he’s going to go run off, and be anti social. I mean, what am I worried about, he usually sticks to me anyways.
So I’ll bring his crate next time, so I can work on crate training in other places.
I think I might be in heaven. Or Earth’s equivalent.
And maybe, tomorrow, we might be able to go see the World Team at Placer Dog (excitement!!!!) and George might get an eval to go take classes there.
So all I can say is THANK YOU to Megan, Fran, Tina, Jane, and my parents!
Oh yeah, anddd as if that isn’t close enough to Heaven- I now have a trialing buddy!! More NADAC, and USDAA! Real agility weekends!
What a small world.



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