[story idea] 2020


I sat, on the cool, distressed cherry wood floor, a bowl of dry cheerio’s beside me.  I inhaled, my eyes grazing over the bindings of the books I had collected, piled high in a floor-to-sealing shelf. Subconsciously, I reached down and placed a cheerio in my mouth, the crunch of the cereal between my seemingly strong jaws felt refreshing. With my other hand I wiped the dust off the top of one of the books, pulling it out and examining it thoroughly before opening to the front cover. “Hard backed,” I murmured in a hushed voice, after all, it felt weird to speak in a library- even an empty one, “Black Beauty, by Anna Sewell” I read. I ran my fingers down the slightly faded color photos.  Replacing the book where it belonged, I snatched up my bowl of cheerios and continued walking, through the isle. I looked outside the window, only rolling hills and the far-off lights of a highway looked back. I exhaled loudly, almost a sigh, jamming a couple more cheerio’s in my mouth.  I headed back towards the door, that led to the living room. I could already hear the blaring of the television.
The door to the living room, from the library creaked open and I slipped inside, walking behind the leather sofa towards the kitchen, to put away my bowl of cheerio’s.
“Hey, Maya” I heard, from the next room over, his voice made me smile, my fiancee, Damon. “I heard they’re having another book auction soon, want to go?” I grinned. He already knew my response.
“Of course!” I shouted back, excitedly jogging to the kitchen now to replenish the box of cheerio’s with those that I had not eaten.
“There are only two more auctions left, then all of the books will be sold” he exclaimed, in a more somber tone. I paused, my shoulders drooping.  Two more auctions?! Two more auctions until all of the books in the world were sold. Most were going to Museums all across the world. And the left overs were going to book-collectors like me to include in their own libraries.

-and here, I will leave you, because I need to think about this plot line and future world more….



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