from July // unpublished photos


I haven’t taken pictures in two days, there must be something wrong…
no, I’m just crazy busy. So enjoy some flashbacks from July which I was too embarrassed to upload because I can’t seem to master a point and shoot? um…. enjoy.

 yeah. lots of dogs. I find it amusing to take pictures of random people’s dogs wherever we go. they’re just so… interesting.

 and overly-friendly sea gulls, I was this close to this bird. He probably would have let me touch his wings.

 this dog lady had like five dogs, not being judging or anything… but she walked back and forth the beach with them. Kind of entertaining watching them. (three were on a leash, two were running around near them, see the sheltie at the bottom of the page and another older looking GSD who was slowly dragging along behind them)
 and this golden was so enthusiastic about everything her owner wanted to do. I think that’s just part of the breed standard, they’re just so excited about people.

 yum, chai. the closest thing to coffee I’ll buy from a coffee shop.
so good though.
 sorry you may have to cran your neck sideways, this looks like it came from a fairy tale, right?
 CRAZY hats at this tourist trap- pretty neat though, I was slightly tempted, but then I decided against it, I’d never wear one (not to mention they were way overpriced!) 
 really liked these glasses. the squares and the colors were pretty cool, but I already have sunglasses.
 focus is right.
 this was on a chair outside of a shrimp-type-restaurant with a huge waiting line…

 I told you, I’m only slightly obsessed.
hope you enjoyed the flashback, maybe I’ll take pictures of stuff tomorrow!
Good Night! 


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