these stories of dreamers


firstly, before I get all deep into this post, I have to wish Hayden good luck- he’s doing a triathlon in Utah.
 so, I went crazy trying to find glue to finish my Government (class) notebook…
and spotted my camera (through these endless empty glue sticks..)
 and I found my little gadget (he’s called Spinney) from the Exploratorium in San Francisco…
so, I’ve been searching for inspiration, there are two things I need right now- a good silhouette, and a photo that has ‘diversity’ all over it. and not just something as simple as the flower one, yeah it’s pretty but it’s so ‘whatever’ I want them to stop and stare, and give it some good thought. not just, it’s just another picture… whatever type thing. argh!  
from day to day, you hear stories about dreamers, or entrepreneurs who had a vision and went for it. After hearing such things, one usually feels awed or inspired, to try to create something of their own… to have their own vision…
but what one doesn’t see, is the harsh reality of one of those dreamers. You wonder why we pause in awe as we think of such people, who followed their dreams and made a big change, they had a hard battle to get where they got.
but they didn’t give up, did they?

I think that’s my motto for life: never give up. 

but then today and most other days snaps me back to reality. I know it’s an uphill climb. I know I can’t sit back and watch the world go by. I’ve got to do something, make something from every day- because in reality- our days are numbered.
we only get one shot, one chance, to make the right chance. We can’t go back- we can’t look back… we’ve got to keep moving forward. There is no point to stopping and looking back, making wishes what you could have/ would have done.

So now what.
I keep thinking back Sunday’s sermon.
Don’t compare yourself to those more successful, you’re setting yourself up for failure

“Look, if you had one shot, one opportunity- this is everything you ever wanted, would you capture it? or just let it slip…” Eminem.

good night! (although I recon I still am looking for inspiration… )
and still dreaming about agility… maybe this weekend….. 


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