it all starts to come together


I’m sitting here at my laptop feeling awfully exhausted despite the mug full of black coffee I just had and trying to get my brain to stop stressing about all the things I’m forgetting to do. It doesn’t feel like Friday at all, but I’m so glad it is. If only it would just register in my brain. Don’t get me wrong though, today was a wonderful day, not as close to last ‘weekend’ of agility craziness… I want to go for another lesson this upcoming week so badly!!! ahh. but today…. I hope you don’t mind this disconnected post, it will make sense eventually.
 at school, the seniors had the senior meeting! There were people who talked about Sober Grad and our graduation, but then there was this man who came to talk to us about how we were going to change the world.
His name is Mr Hawkins and he said “Dreams never leave us, we give up on dreams”
In a sort of secret way the way he spoke reminded me so much of the Bible. I couldn’t think but help of the story of the children. I usually don’t preach like this, but I thought the connection was neat and the literal thought was very interesting. 
 in the Bible (this is from memory…. feel free to correct me): Jesus stops in a town and children come to see him, the apostles begin to tell the children off and send them away but Jesus stops them, reaching out and saying we should all become like children.
 children can be wise, they don’t judge people on race, they don’t care how much money one has or what their grades are, they don’t care what other people really think unless it hurts them in some way, they only want to be happy. Happiness is their goal. 
 and here, grown adults are telling us that to become what we now label ‘success’ we must go to college and get a fine, money making career and a good job. That’s all that matters to them, but their forgetting the basic fundamentals of truly being ‘successful’ to be a success, wouldn’t that mean being happy with what you have and who you’ve become? A child would know that, but a grown person, I beg to differ.
 These same people tell us to hold off or forget about our dreams, if we don’t hold onto our dreams… then what do we have? Where are we? Certainly not successful…. we just have money.
 Why can’t we follow our dreams, our hearts, for that’s what we were originally here to do, because had God intended us to make money for him (a human creation by the way) the world would be a totally different place. Why can’t we learn to strive for happiness in everything we do?
 and after we’ve achieved our dreams, why can’t we help others?
Isn’t that what we did as children? If our classmate fell of the monkey bars, would you help them? 
 there’s some deep thoughts to think about.
 I’m going to leave you with a few more photos before I publish and go to sleep…. I am so tired right now, coffee doesn’t do anything for my energy….

good night!


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