night two of listing to Folsom Live blaring outside. I’m trying to tune it out and do some homework, I’m still having issues with my government notebook, I’m missing one page of WTP Q&A stuff…ick… 
 we went out to breakfast at ihop, we haven’t gone out to breakfast in so long! it was pretty cool, then we went and drove around some JC’s and looked at cars at Sierra… where I saw the coolest Mini Cooper. Sorry about the phone shot, it still looks halfway decent, right? It plus a bright yellow BMW from Europe (with plates still) were the coolest cars there… in my opinion…
I also did more a-frame groundwork with George, and attempted working with him on his stand stay, he was slightly confused as “stay” typically means he’s sitting or lying down (his down stay is the most reliable I think.. ) so… interesting… we’re going to build more on it. Hopefully, Tuesday I’ll go to the field again and practice more while Sean’s at soccer….
I’m so tired. Time is going by too fast, all though I’m really looking forward to the fall weather!
good night! 


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