save the world


this one is going out to the world team, rock in France, okay.
that wasn’t a question.
 anyhow, I had five minutes and the sun was still up so we have some pictures! Excitement, not my boring usual stuff you know
 I’m trying to focus faster. And I actually used treats *shocker* for the first time today to get George to pose, and I was pretty happy with my results
 I won’t lie… I wanted today to go by fast, but not that fast. It just blew past,
there was so much to do, so little time. My brain went haywire as it usually does and I manage to work the impossible under a large amount of stress. But I did it. Life goes on, I hope tomorrow drags on for a while….
 he looks so sly. I get to sit and stay and I get treats, omg what a concept!
so… yeah, we practiced stand stays today, I suppose you figured that out. Just stays in general. 
 yeah, he did pretty well. He’s good at generalizing stuff, sort-of.
 so, on a super happy note, Hayden is back!!!!
 okay, he spotted the other piece of bacon and looked at that instead. argh. but you get the idea right? 
 he is so weird… my dog rocks.
 lots of thoughts going through my head, it’s very unlike me to write them all, as this is what my blog is for but I’m feeling very…. unable to write them down, I almost feel as I need to keep thinking them through.
 which I do, so you just get to enjoy the pictures
 focus on his paw is intentional. I wouldn’t have posted it if it wasn’t- or I’d make in an “outtake” hah.
 see, below is an outtake, but too funny to resist posting-
 want a fun, George-fact?
 he is more vocal than all the shelties I know combined, and that’s a lot of shelties.
so, farewell for now!


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