aspire to inspire


-another life ‘aspiration’ for me. ah. so many.

“some folks are born to wave a flag” -CCR, Fortunate Son, apparently tonight’s theme song….

so I’ve got some edits of the photos from yesterday
they’re getting there. I still need some help with my editing. it’s a bit..
anyhow, today has been great, it went by much too fast.
we watched a video about Richard Avenaugh (sp?) in digital art- it was really, really, good.
so.. um, we managed to watch a movie in all of my classes today.
I’m a bit stressed for tomorrow, I’ve got so much to do. newspaper… newspaper.. newspaper. Great class. Just tons to do, you see, we’re going to press on Friday.
I’m bummed that I missed out on the photography club meeting but I had youth group tonight which was really fun…. ahh there are not enough hours in a day.
I’m so tired. good night…


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