just let it rain


Okay rain, I’ll make you a deal, you can pour all you like except on the following days, please let the sun come out…. October 13th, last ever driving lesson… October 14th, driving test!! and now for agility events… October 29 (1 year of agility matches!!) and November 19-20 [match, iffy about this one, I’d rather go to the trial the weekend before I think… ] . or other November 11-13 [NADAC trial] . That’s my proposition.

there are benefits and pitfalls to being one of the only responsible reliable people in your family. also the only girl (not including my mom).  But today was an irritating example of a pitfall. My brothers, one-sitting on “his” mac, playing whatever he’s doing – and the other  one is sitting in his room watching TV. Yet, when it comes to making lunches guess who gets called out to do so, my brothers? nope. Me. Who is trying to sit and focus on my government homework. trying. I keep getting called out to do random stuff, look at college fees and majors and see this and see that. Well, don’t get me wrong, I want the information, just at a different time- please. Not to mention all of the other possible distractions out there.

ah speaking of awesome agility news… Megan is the greatest person ever. Okay fine, maybe she’s almost tied with Chrissy. But seriously, you have NO idea how it feels to finally be able to talk to someone and work with someone on running contacts and someone who knows what “2on/2off” means without having to explain anything. Someone who shares your passions.
what a great feeling.
So agility- yes. George might debut on the ‘other November NADAC trial’ wonderful thoughts! I am a bit nervous so I”ll see how he does at the October match  but I think I need to register him in NADAC by the end of this week so we can compete and I can get his number. name names names.
I think I have to smirk every time I open the NADAC Dog Registration form, everything is saved except the registered name. That’s how many times I’ve filled it out. (I’ve filled it out and not submitted it for at least three years now?… a long time anyways..) My current ideas include “Wealey’s Up to No Good” or “Forget the Odds”  or something along either of those lines…
so many choices!!!!
although, as far as entering goes, it completley depends on how he does at the match at the end of this month. If he manages to stay “normal George” instead of “George on shut-down-mode” then for sure I’ll enter! Although, I doubt that he’ll be at all prepared to do a dogwalk by that time so I may just stick with ground-classes (weavers, hoopers, jumpers & tunnelers..) I’m so so so happy I’m still a junior. This is my last year as a junior too sadly. Entries are $4/run.. so cheep compared to $12/run. poor Megan.  And if we do go to this trial, I think I may want to go regardless of if we enter or not- but this might be our first ever two day agility event!!!
agility is probably the greatest thing that I ever let into my life. ahh passion. goodnight.



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