project: diversity is…


Pomegranates, F/stop, shutter speed, timing and loud music. Somehow, this inspired me greatly. My brain began to wander and come up with quite interesting ideas.
People aren’t remembered by the styles they followed, but the trends they set.
okay, I need to find better words, but nobody cares if you’re just like everybody else…. particularly for that reason, you’re like everyone else.  It’s those who are different who are also influential.
so you’re probably wondering how a camera, a pomegranate and awesome music inspired me so, surprisingly, the music was only there for motivation. Otherwise I’d be still sitting at the counter, taking pictures and day dreaming. Hearing Eminem yell about how you’ve only got one opportunity then listening to Coldplay, Two Door Cinema Club, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Arctic Monkey songs… yep, that’s my ipod for you. I’m still listening to it now…
So I basically spent an hour and a half devoted to perfectly matching my f/stop and shutter speed. I am so done with auto crap (of course there’s always going to be that one golden opportunity that I won’t have a chance to think about any of my lovely manual settings… but without those few exceptions, I will refrain from using manual…)
anyways, with the pomegranate, I was able to shoot it to fit into many different categories. I ended up with 220 pictures of pomegranate seeds… but I managed to shoot and follow all most of the composition rules and included some fun stuff too.

[link to pictures]



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