an artist’s job is to evoke an emotion


“yesterday’s post” was not actually posted yesterday. that was on thursday. I have my time stamp wrong on wordpress and I’ll get to fixing it eventually. So today was pretty awesome. despite the fact that yesterday sucked ( with the exception of actually being at starbucks.. ) I walked into first period, digital art, my favorite class ever, hands down. And we worked on art critique. You see, maybe my work reflects my critique. I am very critical. overly so, and it’s something I need to chill out about. I criticize everything. well, almost. But that’s my job, as an editor- I have to have the experience and I have to know what looks good/ sounds good/ is accurate. So that’s what I do… and I apply it to everything (well almost). But you get the idea. So um, the following photograph got picked the favorite of Mrs. Halverson’s first period and I loved watching people’s reactions to it. I think that’s what photography is about- evoking emotions… people don’t remember what they see, they remember how they feel. If a piece of artwork causes someone to feel something and think something else- I’ve done my job as an artist. And that’s what I call myself, sort of an artist.
anyhow, my laptop is driving me crazy. I love it and all, but it randomly dies for no reason at all I have a nine cell battery, that’s like four years old. It should not be dying when taken off the charger for ten minutes! At least it’s giving me ten minutes. It could be worse.
so, good night for now!



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