time to relax. (tgif!!!)


(thank goodness it’s friday!!!)
new digital art project: portraits! I love portrait photography. Of course, I also like taking pictures of small things… like bee’s…  but I decided to stick with Sean as my model for now, I want to get someone else in my pictures as well, just, he knows how to set his face for the mood I want to create (Sean, you should consider modeling.. just saying- ) anyways… my edits were harsh but I get the point across- I think. He was sitting on a window sill “plotting his escape” (either a model, or an actor… ) Anyways, I’m still not satisfied with the pictures I got so hopefully tomorrow will be overcast.

so yes (above) his face is the perfect mixture of confusion and anger, and (don’t tell) but he’s sitting a window ledge.  pretty neat. Then, this is the third grasshopper I saw today and the only one I managed to get close enough to snap a decent photo of. Because he was so tiny (that’s a 3/4″ PVC Tee, for comparison) it was so hard to focus, (auto didn’t even work!) but it’s halfway decent, so whatever. pretty neat little guy. Kind of weird spotting three in one day though.
and last but certainly not least- I passed my driving test!! I get my actual license (provisional) in two weeks in the mail… then I have it for a year (or until I turn 18) before I get my actual license.  Those guys at DMV are nice, just saying.

Did I mention my Grandparents came today? I think I may have mentioned that  yesterday. maybe.
anyways, they’re here!!! so I’ll get photos of them too.
So, that is all for today. and P.S. Thanks Dad for the ice cream!!



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