being sick sucks


I wanted to go to CSUMB open house today. I didn’t.
I wanted to go to Hayden’s step brother’s birthday party. I didn’t
I wanted to accomplish something today… well… I didn’t really.
I sort of did. I looked at college comm programs and narrowed down my list, then I looked at potential cars… and mostly swallowed pills and did nothing. Doing nothing sucks, especially when you’re sick and you want to accomplish something. So I managed to lay around and do nothing all day. My nose is running, I am exhausted and grossly sick. humph. But I need to go to school on Monday.
Sorry this post sounds so… disconnected- I’m sick. You can tell.
ACTUALLY wait- I lied, I did accomplish something I managed to teach George two new tricks- to pull a ribbon (to open the slider door) to the command “open” and also to lift his hind, right leg… it needs a command now, not just a signal I don’t know what to call that.. maybe “back right?” so I remember, haha.
Good news though, my throat stopped hurting, which might mean I’m getting better- it’s moved onto my nose running (and being stuffy) like crazy. eeeewwww.
so yep. until I fall asleep- good night!
oh yeah, I also managed to import all of my posts from danceswithwaves (blogger) and chargedogs (original wordpress)
so all of my posts are here… all of them.



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