diversity is a key.


but good news! I accomplished a million things today… printed & filled out both premiums for the October Match & November NADAC trial (still need to register with NADAC.. ), did laundry, made lunches, did trash, bathed George, did some random box work with George (well, it wasn’t really random)… cleaned out my schoolbags, decided what I’m going to wear tomorrow for “disney” day and started taking pictures for my diversity project. I am so late. The pictures are due sometime next week(?) anyways, I have my inspiration: keys! okay. well, there are a few potential subjects I’d like to try out:  actual keys… (car keys, house keys, other keys,… ), keyboard keys and last but not least piano keys! or maybe I could take all of these and combine them. Because (my random inspired moment here) like keys, people are connected simply by the name “human” however, much like people, keys have different meanings, qualities and jobs which makes each unique and useful. or something like that. Anyways. I liked where I was going.
diversity isthis is sort of where I was going- keys or more keys? I took pictures of piano keys but they don’t really look good. Plus I don’t have photoshop at home so I couldn’t merge the pictures… anyways, I’ve been going for dramatic edits today- I don’ t know what’s gotten in me- and below, the texture, the lighting. ahhhh I lovee the  key picture below (just so you know, my “d” and my “s” key are broken. not my fault. I just type too fast… well, I heard it was a reoccurring issue on dell laptops- not to mention my brother’s “s” key fell off as well)

and say what? more dramatic edits?! this time it’s my portrait idea number two. You know I won’t be satisfied with it until… well.. I am. I’ll probably go and do another session, with someone else. I’m still looking for a white or black sheet to use as a possible backdrop. we don’t have plain sheets. I have my white one with blue stripes, possibly? (oh yeah, and we have textured walls, so that doesn’t work haha) Still searching. maybe that idea isn’t a good one. I just need some sort of inspiration for this. I want my work to evoke an emotion as well as convey one. (all though they keys don’t do a very good job except- woah texture…)
yep. I’ll be searching for some inspiration in a way/shape/form. I also need a halfway decent setting. UGH. I hate being sick. I just want to go to sleep. No more thinking for me… that reminds me, I need to write an article by Tuesday and have a decent explanation for why I didn’t have a think sheet. Sometimes I wonder why I took newspaper. But then again, this sick business makes me feel so uninspired and unmotivated. good night.



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