fun match weekend!


yes. this was yesterday- and in my opinion the greatest day ever. again.
 why? well. we had the greatest match ever, I came in with next to no expectations and George amazed me.
and now that I think about it… see that red dog? I think this is their blog. (fantastic pictures!)
 but for sure, the results of this means in a few weeks (hopefully) will be George’s NADAC debut! 

and now, I present our lovely tunnelers-game video! This was our first run of the day and I had no idea what to expect. I walked the course trying to figure out my course more than anything… it turned out really fun though! And this is just the start of George blowing my mind.

Kaiya was bored, this was before any of her runs… I think she would have won the tunnelers game had she run. ;)
We met a new friend!!! Kim (I think is her name…) my goodness I’m terrible with names.
her dog did get first in the twenty-four weave pole challenge (or second?) though!!!

George also did the weave race, we ran it twice but sadly only the second one got filmed. He’s never done twenty four weaves before! His first try, I did push him for speed and he popped once or twice, but in his second attempt I didn’t push him and he didn’t pop! eeek!
oh our many attempts at taking a good portrait of all four of us. 
and yes, it is George’s job to make a face in every picture.
…now he’s laughing…

I decided that for our first Jumpers run, I’d run the Novice course (since we had a choice and the courses were nested- I walked both) I was now starting to feel confident that he would listen..

and a whippet. My mom kept commenting about how much she loved his structure.
George relaxing… wait, what?
and an awesome Mal,
after that awesome first jumpers course I decided why not. It’s just a fun match (not to mention by now I was making bets that he could make the toughie part of the course out of the blue tunnel…) and I really wanted to try all of the fun crosses…. this run was so much fun. ahhh! I wish it were in focus.

and now, prepare to be bombarded by photos of one of the most beautiful dogs…

okay, I won’t bombard you with all of the pictures…
Now standard was inside!! I did a few reps on the A-Frame with him which, well, we haven’t worked the A-Frame in a while so I didn’t expect a whole lot. I was just happy he didn’t completley freak out when I picked him up. I also decided to try him on the full sized dogwalk for the first time. I’m so glad I did!! Of course I’m still going to work on his Running Contacts (more so now!) but now I know I will be able to do standard, because he is somewhat confident on it! 
he even slept in his crate. 

slightly obsessing over this aussie’s extension… gorgeous…

yesterday was amazing… I’m so excited to start trialing and I hope to do more updates on how his running contacts are looking!!
Special thanks to Megan, Mrs. Miller & My Mom!!! 
and congrats to Kai & Megan for getting into Splash Dog Finals this weekend!!

6 Responses to “fun match weekend!”

  1. Taylah Stiles Says:

    Way to go George and Nicole! Looking great out there!

    Best of luck with your debut! Oh and love the photos, as always! :)

  2. Hillary Says:

    Way to go guys!

    I can't believe I wasn't following your blog on my new account D: But fear not! For I am now :)

  3. cattledogagility101 Says:

    George did incredibly well!! I can’t wait to see him debut, I know he’ll do amazing!! :)


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