something about this knowing when it’s right


so, er, …lady gaga was my inspiration today? yeah. she was. it just felt right.
and I’m not all for over-played radio songs, it’s just good. I like it. Funny though, I thought it was Carrie Underwood when I first heard it. Anyways. I’ve been having a tough-stressed out week. But this is about today. well particularly today after school. Last-possible-second decision to go hang out with Kai and Megan. I could never say no.They are the greatest. ahh.
so, um. so much fun! And George learned how to do the tire (2)… and George completley failed at teeter/tunnel discriminations haha, my fears were made the truth. He does like making the teeter bang down. (he is kind-of crazy, I asked him to pull the other side down so we could work on confidence on it… he felt for some bizarre reason to pounce with all four feet onto the teeter and ride it down. and afterwords giving me the “AGAIN?!” face I could only laugh. Luckily I only let him do that once. 
Anyways, the course was extremely fun!!! thank you Megan for inviting me out to practice with you!
George even started giving me some distance, he keeps getting more and more comfortable with the field… and more comfort means more drive and speed and super enthusiastic weaves. I think his favorite obstacle is between the weaves and the teeter. He gets super excited between doing both. He’s so awesome.


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