past weekend & a webinar!


I don’t know if this is completley appropriate, but it’s a fuzzy phone from my semi-broken stone-age point and shoot camera. Around the plate says “My border collie is smarter than your honor student” and the license plate is I luv bc. What a cool person.
So on Saturday… I went to Sonoma, well, CSU Sonoma to to take a visit… anddd we were going to go to 11/11/11 agility with Megan… but we got back much too late and er. yeah. um. once certain unnamed people start talking. the sun goes down and it’s hard to do agility when it’s too dark.
anyways, CSU Sonoma is probably my favorite choice…
 but sadly, the actual school was closed, but it was okay- we still got to talk to people around campus (you may have to tilt your head, my camera of olde doesn’t rotate pictures for me like my SLR does.
 anyways, it was raining (hence the not-so-wonderful-camera) and I hardly took photos. I was much to interested in talking (what???) and peeking around. there was so much to explore! and they have a garden, and an equestrian team and their dorms look like appartments and they have a gorgeoussssss enviro facility. ahhhhhhh. just one problem: no dogs. the problem I’ve been dreading for quite some time. 
 but, there will be dogs, because less than 15 minutes away is a large and lovely agility field.
(darn camera, that’s right- I’m blaming it because had I used my SLR….. )
so they may not be *my* dogs, but there will be dogs… not to mention it’s two hours away so I could potentially drive home every weekend.
 yep, gorgeous field… so I was sort-of planning in my head how I was going to sneak a dog onto campus to live with me. ummm. I don’t think it’s a particularly good idea and I would not be able to bring George. Period. Mr. Vocal, sneaking into a dorm? That just won’t work out. He loves to hear his own voice so much, I couldn’t take that away from him… but perhaps if I were to get an IG…. small, typically non-vocal, hairless, I just have to figure out how to get past my non-trusting small dogs brain, like I have some sort of warning censor that goes off in my head “small dog will run fast and far away” I love how IG’s look in general and honestly agility BC’s are sort of getting out of hand. I kind of want to prove that a border collie does not always mean success- other breeds can rock too. and if I were to get set puppy, it would be my first dog from a responsible breeder. I think. Unless I go rescue again. So many decisions have to be made. Not likely that I’ll be getting a puppy soon… but I still want one.
maybe it’s because all the small dogs I’ve ever seen have no recall what so ever and are not trained. what so ever. But they’re so adorable. This is Rocky, he’s a five year old ‘Miniature Pincer’ who is getting a bath. with George’s delicious shampoo. Not that I’ve eaten it… it just smells so good.
rawr. Rocky no like sink.
yeah pretty much, he’s the closest I’ve gotten to living with a smaller dog. He is extremely smart and manipulative, he has no recall what so ever, but he can sit/ down when presented with treats. I taught him ‘spin’ a while back but I don’t know if he remembers it. 
He is probably from a byb (argh) and may not even be full miniature pincer (probably part chi- he barks way to much and his structure does not look like that of a miniature pincer- his main miniature pincer qualities are his legs… I hate when people say ‘min pin’ eew)
anyways. he’s cute. and overweight. and not trained. and smart. and I wish his owners would do something but hey, you can only change yourself. so I have to stop pushing it because it’ll just make me sad. it won’t have any effect on anyone else. except maybe George because he’s my personal mind reader.
daww, can you take the cuteness? he looks so sweet and relax bundled up under my sweatshirt. so much sweetness.
this is probably what I’d love about having a small, short haired dog. My parents won’t  go crazy if they’re on my bed or if I’m carrying them or if I bring them everywhere… so many benefits that I don’t have with George. Not to mention George is always being discluded for being giant, and furry and a black dog. um not fair, he’s much better trained- why isn’t he allowed inside again? He’ll just stay on his rug anyways.
On Sunday, the night sky was gorgeous-
and (speaking of George) I brought my cousin to the agility field to go play for a bit, I let her run him and to my amazement he listened! GINORMOUS footstep. there were a few incidences where he didn’t understand her body language and he’d look at me, notice I was looking at him and run over to figure out what to do, but he gave us his full effort and (for me) ran! I was pretty excited about that. He jogged for Noelle, but I think it was good as this is her first time ever trying agility, so she could think it through. I was surprised at how well she used body language. I was probably the most awkward beginner ever in comparison. ahhh. 
This post is coming to an end and I haven’t yet brought up the webinar- Susan Garrett’s that is!
her “Games Webinar” and “Stand Tutorial” I enjoyed both of them, I think I got a lot out of the games one, because I train via the same ethics: if it’s not fun- you’re doing it wrong… anyways, I think I’ll re-watch it a few times as I’m a horrible video-watcher, I have to re-watch to fully understand concepts when displayed in a video. I know that too well.

and George, we’re still working on that stand-stay…..


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