ten second training bliss


okay my hands are pretty much numb so it’s a bit hard to type, but just now, I had a killer five minute training session. it was brilliant. George has never done foundations for rear crosses, partially due to my laziness and lack of knowledge on how to train them and partially because well, honestly I never thought I’d really need to know how. He already knew spin & unwind (to both words and hand signals, same concept as cik/cap, left/right ect…) so I tested him, having him do hand touches and heel on both sides and jogging, having him spin and unwind. his first two attempts he was confused, but by the third try it clicked. we worked on each side at random and after a few… soon he was getting all of them. whatever I asked. I’m hoping to go practice this with a bar, then later a jump, I wish I had Silvia’s cik/cap dvd so then I could see if I’m doing this right but I have an idea now. eeek! finally being able to rear cross without worrying is in my sights!!! So tomorrow, I’ll work on it with just a single pole/traffic cone/trees/ ect (maybe I’ll go to the field and practice on wings too!)
I ended after ten seconds of this running back and forth and spin/unwind -ing to work on his door-opening trick, which is hilarious.
I think I may also need to work on “real” hand touches. I taught him to “pick up” things via the touch command so now I’m kind of regretting it as he snaps at my hand thinking that’s what I’m asking for. I think I’m going to re-teach it as a new trick to a different command. I’d rather him not snap at my hand when I asked him to “touch” lol. I think I’ll call it “snap” because they’re opposites ;)

and. as I continue to put off his debut. I think it’ll be on New Years. NADAC for sure. My “New Years Resolution” if that’s it I’ll be going with Megan, Kim & Cassandra! more agility friends!!!!!
I think I’m going to ask for a crate for Christmas.
nope. I am actually going to ask for a crate for Christmas. haha that’ll be great my friends: “what did you get for Christmas?” other friend: “I got some random clothes and stuff” other friend: “I got an iphone/ipod/other ‘i’ product” me: “I got a dog crate, I’M SO EXCITED!!!!!” haha. that’ll be my reaction. hopefully I’ll actually get it though.

pretty awesome night if you asked me.



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