sparks of craziness


okay so my shaping has gone well for “touch” to become “enthusiastically tap my hand”  and “get it” to be the “bite” command. finally, we are getting somewhere. I gave George a bath today, seeing him wet and little under all of his fur is always adorable, though the crazy flinging of his tail (and water everywhere) is madness.
We worked a bit on sloppily heeling, if you’d even call it that. I mean he was in “heel” but it was quite sloppy, and I wasn’t bothering with criteria as I mainly cared that he followed up on his previous drills on “spin” and “unwind” so I can apply them to crosses.
Though as I’ve come to discover, he knows his directions better than I do.  *time for some human training* I think when I’m in the car tomorrow I’ll be drilling myself… thankfully though I’ve been consistent in training those commands and now that I’ve forgotten them- he still remembers them. ahh the work I need to do… I’m pretty sure spin is counter-clockwise and unwind is clockwise. I think… don’t quote me on this, I’ll have to double check in the morning when he’s awake and I’m awake. then I’ll write it down, because I just can’t remember things like that.
Righto- now we’ve got a plan! Onward to my English project.
oh yes, and did I mention his NADAC debut is New Years? It’s pretty official.



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