giving thanks!


this is one of those timer-quick-run-it’s-about-to-take-the-picture-I-hope-it’s-in-focus shots. Achieving halfway-decent shots like this is quite complex and can take a lot of hands and effort, making running and posing even harder. I’m the one on the bottom row with the long hair and grey sweater.

 I’m feeling quite mystified… more like a weird mixture of materialistic wishes, (I suppose you could call them this-) ‘health’ wishes and being thankful for what I have. Oddly enough, I think I get a lot out of holidays where family gets together. It really puts things into perspective.

I spent the yesterday and the majority of today with my cousins, we mostly messed around, not too many deep thoughts, just certain situations that made me grateful for what I had at home, a stable, consistent household in a beautiful town where you don’t have to worry about taking a walk around the block-or most places here. We joked around, cooked a lot, and watched a ton of movies, all while jokingly making ‘Christmas lists’ (mine includes all of 1. Wire Crate for George, because we gave ours away ages ago and I can’t afford to buy one. help. me. Santa! lol.)

When we got home tonight, I proceeded to admire the warmth and beauty of ‘home’ and enjoyed the feeling of appreciation for it all. There really is no place like home. We unpacked, ate dinner and relaxed when my feeling of appreciation for what I had was soon about to get larger.

(a pumpkin cupcake, created by Noelle)

The green light on the answering machine was blinking. We played it and the voice of my aunt soon came on, wishing us a happy thanksgiving. then that of my uncle.

you see, nothing is ever as bad as it seems, when you get a call from your uncle who is temporarily living in Texas, getting treatment for Leukemia- who, for the record still was in great spirits as he got to go celebrate with his wife and daughters.

So it really puts things in perspective. Yeah, you don’t get along with your brother/parent/friend/acquaintance- but it doesn’t mean your whole life is terrible.

anddd, also a point I’d like to make- Nothing good comes from pity, it is all about the attitude. Because really, you can do anything you set your mind to. So why not do it?

yes, Rocky (above) I know, I probably should blog more, and I probably should also learn how to use (and not completley hate) my flash. oh dear. Happy Holidays


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