No, it’s not raining- yet anyways. I guess  I’ve forgotten how it feels to post a real blog post- if that’s what you’d call it.  Rather uplifting, to say the least… and I was wondering why I had such a lack of sleep these past couple of days.  So I got photoscape on my computer earlier (the free version) I have to say- editing rocks compared to most of the free online software I’ve used- but it doesn’t compare at all to photoshop. I’ve been just using it for batch editing- sharpening photos and taking off the raw ‘grey’ look that tend to come with every shot (especially when compared to edited photos).
Oddly enough, I didn’t take any photos today- however I did get some videos!
t-raining also spells training. which is what we did, George and I.
I began proofing his weave entries (gasp) just six poles and we did a tiny jumpers course where I attempted to not look like an amateur handling him.  So far, I’ve realized it’s me that needs the coursework.  As George is being more reliable, I’m not able to keep up (what?)

creepy- I know (photos are older, from a San Francisco trip with my Dad)
anyways, back to George- he’s doing really well. I guess I could say that I hoped he’d start running like this. I’m finally feeling some sort of content feeling in my hear that (almost) every ounce of energy I pour into working with him is starting to finally click. We’re both getting it. That’s exciting. I’ve been longing for this feeling – forever!
but we’re not anywhere near where I want us to be. He’s nine-ish years old and I probably shouldn’t set my sights high but it’s highly likely that we won’t be working so much next year. I’ll be away at college (don’t worry I’ll keep up this blog! I don’t know how I was going on without it.. serious addiction here… )

I think blogging is a rather healthy “addiction” because it’s more like an ‘outlet’ than anything. I guess. Since we’re talking about the future and all, I think I’ll go on a bit about things coming up.
Well, as far as George’s concerned his NADAC debut (don’t roll your eyes at me… I know, I’ve been talking about debuting him for over a year now…) is going to be New Years Eve. Yep. That’s my New Year’s resolution. I’ve got it all planned out- see? It makes sense! And I’ll be going with Megan & Kim & Kim’s daughter! Look!! I have agility friends!!!! I think that makes my year right there.

So um, back to the future (heh, movie reference- I hope that made you smile) I sort of have an idea of what I want to be when I grow up. Sort of. Kind of. We had to do this project for my English Class, I suppose it’s like the Senior Project- just a weird version of it- about our future. It just made me wish I had things all figured out, but then again, who really does? (obv. George, what was I thinking?) er- yeah. no. anddd what else do I have this week? Friday! Friday I have my final for the college to get credit. eeep! four whole free units. I think that deserves a little sentence on my blog- or two.  Aside from that…. This week looks rather boring. But three to go until Christmas vacation! (and good luck to Megan with her finals if she’s reading this:))

And speaking of finals, two weeks until all of mine. Yikes. That means Senior Year is halfway over. Time goes by much to quickly… I wish I were a kid again, I miss those butterflies in my stomach building before Christmas to see what Santa had gotten us and the chilling enthusiasm that never let me sleep Christmas night, lying awake wondering about everything. The mystery gripped me and motivated me like no other.
Thinking like this makes me feel old. What are you talking about? Of course I’m still a kid!



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