you only fail when you stop trying.


Eat My Cheese!Gawk at those people who say they “can’t”  and prove them wrong. Those people have the wrong idea anyways.
so while you enjoy these wonderful old photos (I love this texture/ vignette effect!)
if you’re in for some serious inspiration I really would check out this, my Dad shared it to me today and really blew my mind. He’s right! I kept thinking, he’s right (meaning the author) and if you read it, this cartoon will make complete sense. I guess I’ve been feeling this whole inspirational air since my trip to Powergetics, last Tuesday. I honestly hope it never goes  away. So last night I had two weird dreams (I gave up on where this post was going, I was going to sort of mention today but okay… this whole dream thing works, obviously my hands know what they’re talking/ typing about) Anyways, the first dream was particularly- well- weird. I was with George, at USDAA Nats. He was ten. I was in a completley surreal state of mind. For some reason we felt the need to do some random tricks and stuff. He did a back stall (totally inspirational, that’s our next trick.. ) and we played. That was it. I guess we were going to run. At Nationals. Weird, eh? Usually my agility dreams include the run but not this one. Interesting. The second one was more so irrelevant. There were a bunch of teachers & people I loved wandering around my *hopeful* future college. Irrelevant to this concept but apparently according to my Mom I’m worried about being alone there. hmm. 
That was all interesting and sorts, but what was even more interesting was coming home after a long, boring day at school I was told by my Dad “Find something you love and you’re good at and stick with it.” And he sent me the link to that blog post. Oh the oddities in life. I certainly am feeling inspired once again. I just have to be inspired enough to write an article for Newspaper and fix up my Works Consulted page for my English project. But it’s all good- School for three more weeks (including this one) then Christmas vacation and George’s debut… speaking of I also have some paperwork to do…

well, I think that concludes tonight. Pretty awesome stuff, right? Like that car (above) poor thing, it’s been there for ages! Lovely white walls, I must say – too bad it’s in such poor condition.
anyhow! read that entry! (link at top) it’s really good- and inspirational!



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