farewell 2011, no regrets.


(okay, fine, when the sun comes up tomorrow I’ll take pictures with George and these things.. I am just too lazy and I didn’t have a picture to put here. oh the excuses…)
happiness is a choice, to be- or not to be happy is a decision we must make every day.
well, today… today… today…
This was a Secretariat weekend, I’ve watched it twice so far this weekend… so enjoy the movie references, I thought it fit.
today, new years eve, was George’s NADAC debut.

“This is not about going back. This is about life being ahead of you and you run at it! Because you never know how far you can run unless you run. ” -Penny Chenery

I walked into this trial, expecting nothing from him. I told myself that it didn’t matter if we Q’d, all we had to do was learn and have fun. So, right off the bat was Chances… which we blew. the run in itself was erm, not really a run. I started then he got distracted, what’s new? After which too many people were complaining about his never ending need to describe his feelings so I took him and crated him in the car (which to everyone’s content he fell fast asleep). It seemed like hours had gone by when we walked the first Standard Run… I liked walking it, it was very smooth and simple and the positioning of the contacts was perfect. So, soon shortly, we were on the line. The run flowed nearly as neatly as I walked it. He jogged at a steady pace and focused on me. He ducked out of the A-Frame the first time (my fault, I was standing awkwardly..) but I brought him back over and his derpy running contacts were lovely. His dogwalk was erm, very derpy but he was grinning the whole time so I thought it wasn’t completley awful. We Q’d and got first. I thought I was seeing things, I had to check our score twice and I still didn’t believe it. Mmmm that set the tone for our next run.
Standard two was standard one backwards. (that was a confusing sentence… sorry hah) Anyhow, as much as I liked standard 1, standard 2 was going to pretty much rock. so it did. He did his weird canter-like stride throughout this course, I guess he was just waking up or something ;). Hit his contacts, had a nice A-Frame performance and decent weaves. Over all a decent run… yeah… and we got a Q, 1st! again?!

He’s slower than a fat man encased in concrete being drug backwards. -Lucien Laurin

NQ & 6th for tunnelers. We got 2 faults. ehh. this scoring kind of confused me, the judges cheered like I Q’d but when I went to check- apparently not. it was a really fun run though.
NQ for Touch N Go, we really need to work discrimination’s. oh so badly.
E for Excellent in Jumpers ;)! Welp, massive off course… but my made up course was much more fun. I think I did like five rear crosses in a row. lol. it was pretty darn awesome. Not to mention some hugging and playing in the ring was required and worth it. Probably the greatest way to end the day.

It’s not whether they think we won. It’s whether we think we won. -Chris Chenery

and won, we have. I am quite excited about how this trial came out.
I think the best part was celebrating during and after every run, no matter how awfully we did (or not..) and I genuinely felt good about every run (well, not including chances… hahaha;))

and a million thanks to Megan for everything!


3 Responses to “farewell 2011, no regrets.”

  1. Sara Z. Says:

    YAAAAY GEORGE!!! videos? i’m so happy for you!
    by the way I adore your banner. its perfect

    • nbdetmers Says:

      thank you!!!! my awesomeful friend Megan got videos of us so hopefully we’ll have one published sooooon!

  2. […] in a short collection with our seemingly reoccurring theme song by the Rolling Stones. [recap on that day] Now, re watching all of our runs, Jumpers remains my favorite despite most of our mishaps… […]


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