thinking forward.


really funny thing, New Year’s is…
people talk about resolving to make a change, do something different… and celebrating.
I doubt anyone is really thinking about much other than what they’re “going to do” (which, actually is just trying to sound good- they know already in the back of their mind that they won’t commit) people go crazy, joining gyms and spending less and partying for the “last time” … it’s only human.

once again, as I did last year… instead of resolutions, I have tried to come up with some goals for myself as I realize this will be a big year for me. In the year 2012, I will be graduating, going to college, and turning eighteen… and who knows what else is to come. I really want to try to put together some sort of action plan in regards to my major. I chose Environmental Science (though I’m still trying to decide..) – and before college I need to learn how to really apply myself without being distracted by other things.  Other things being, not able to train, or not being able to play agility, I tend to dwell on those concepts and get very depressed and unmotivated… quite demoralizing, so I have to figure out how to get past it.

well, as far as training/agility goals… I want to trial as much as possible whilst I’m still a junior handler… and achieve as much as we can, George an I, while we can. I know college may limit me (at least while I’m in a dorm) as far as training goes, (but hopefully it’ll help me focus on school for a bit. hopefully.) Also as soon as I can, I’d like to accomplish something with George. Until now, my goal has been to Q. singular. Well. We Q’d twice and we’re one leg away from our first title. New goal? I think yes. Baby steps it is! Baby steps are not bad, they’re just very… very… short term. And once I’ve got my life figured out and moving, I’d like to adopt another dog… or get a puppy. But that won’t be for some time now (I can hear my parent’s sigh of relief, I’ve been hounding them for a puppy for ages – pun not originally intended).
So hopefully, we’ll get our NADAC Debut/ 1st Trial video pretty soon, and hopefully I will enjoy the rest of this school year. It’s already going by fast.



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