an on-going theme: you can’t always get what you want


but you can try some time, you just might find
you get what you need.
-Rolling Stones

so this morning, I felt a bit disconnected with the world as I woke up and began to embrace the day with a sort of irritated mood, until I went to the garage, inhaled the cool air and listened as the radio played the Rolling Stones song, our apparent reoccurring theme for this year. It just felt right, like nothing really mattered that much.. it was just me and George and the music… the rest of the world was just a blur.
(quite some time later I also realized that song was also in the movie Secretariat… hmm… seeing a pattern here..)
This photo (above) was taken exactly a year ago today. (photo by my Mom :)) Then, we were doing agility, caught up in tons of issues, George’s pure lack of motivation and my constant need to reason with myself and everyone around me… trying to find the little reasons why I should keep going. I kept telling myself there was a way, I just had to keep believing it…and maybe someday we would Q… I actually remember sitting there having that conversation with him when we got home. And a year later, look where we are. That makes me feel pretty good.
because you can’t always get what you want, but you can try some times and you just might find, you get what you need.
because I needed to keep trying and I needed a dog who could teach me patience, the real strength of willpower, and that anyone can do anything if they set their mind on it, and go for it.  Back then, I just wanted to play, back then, I wanted an ‘easy’ dog that would just do as I asked… but now I guess, that’s wasn’t what I needed was it? funny thing how those sort of things play out.  and looking back, I would not change anything that happened.
so my current puppy fever, I just have to embrace that it will come in time, and little things will fall into place, I just have to go for my goals.
speaking of going for goals.. agility today was really fun, with Megan and Kai, George was being adorable and super ball-drivey which usually doesn’t happen unless he has started to relax in a certain place which was exciting- he was starting to relax!!! and of course, with his relaxing comes his craziness. He got some of his A-Frame contacts but he was hesitating so I’m thinking more groundwork training- a lot more groundwork! And his dogwalk, and table are very confident so far, I just need to maintain criteria. hmm.
and I’m kind-of sort-of debating trying a 365 project. I mean, I know I could do it for sure… but why not?
I’ll try it… but I guess I’m not committing myself to this project… if I do, it’ll be posted here.



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