come with me, let’s go


needless to say, there is a rather amusing story behind the title. I’ve had this commercial stuck in my head for about a day now. (point proven, Brandon, I’m going crazy… and the fault lies in fourth period… newspaper.)
anyhow, I actually got to draw today, which was a very soothing experience, all English class in fact! I guess you could call them my notes, the book we’re working on right now is called The Mysterious Affair at Styles by Agatha Christie… which was originally published in 1921 (hence the 1920’s morgan, though quite contrary to the mode of the era, mine has a roof and is not exactly too accurate (I only know this because the more recent 1995 roadster version is my dream car. hah..) and the sign below is a mercedes logo, not a peace sign.. keeping the car theme going… perhaps… I don’t exactly recall my thinking- as far as I know I really wasn’t. As far as the other relevance of the drawings, mm, whatever came to mind during my teacher’s seemingly never ending lecture. Any how, tomorrow I’ll be off to San Francisco, missing school for two days. Hopefully I’ll keep this 365 project going. This is day two…



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