sitting on the dock of the bay, watching the time roll away.


I have returned, safe and refreshed! My trip was wonderful and very fulfilling!
now I’m back and wishing for more time away from school… and I keep finding myself missing the sound of waves outside. I was only gone for two days..

There was some sense of tranquility in this smaller town that let you escape from the stress of the city- and life really. People would wake up and surf, not work. I saw them out there, and the water is freezing but they don’t care.

and now I’m home and tired. and I don’t want to unpack nor do I want to go to school tomorrow, but I can’t miss three days. well. I could, hypothetically but then I’d be really behind. 
San Francisco is a large city, with lots of people. People frustrated, walking everywhere- so I got to “people watch” a bit, and watch how people reacted to such things. In the city, a lot of people, do a lot of things the same way. Getting things “their way” is a must. unavoidable. which is seemingly dangerous as the streets are typically one-way streets with narrow lanes and constant construction and pedestrians. Driving through San Francisco (or probably any large city for that matter) is no joy ride.  I got to see the High School- it’s a huge building, all indoors (and probably one of the few indoor schools in California… oddly enough the first indoor school I’ve ever seen). School for them doesn’t start until nine, an hour later than our school does… but in the bay area, a lot of things happen an hour later. for instance TV shows are running an hour later and the general work start time is an hour later than here. I would say rush hour is probably an hour later- however the rush is constant. It just doesn’t stop! and I, for certain, could not live like that.

No way, not me, I prefer the beach… and un populated areas in the middle of nowhere, far from stress and crazy people. But where there are people- there will be crazy people. I mean, I wouldn’t want to isolate myself from society… just be far enough away that I could escape from it. I guess. Sort of. I don’t really understand my thought process through this deciding where I want to live deal. I think Pacifica is a nice place and a possible future home… people there are so chill.
which reminds me, the above photo: because it is acceptable to wear ugg boots on the beach…. well… it is now.

I love the ocean because it let’s me breath. The cool, salty air is refreshing and somehow manages to relax my (almost constant, now) tension. My family would rather play in the sand, but I like watching the rhythmic waves roll in, over the sand. When I go to the ocean, (and when I’m allowed some peace) I feel as though I get to recharge. It feels good. I think I need to live in a place where the ocean isn’t too far away.

hopefully though, next time… I can bring George. I hate leaving him for anything. argh. He would love it there, rolling in the sand and making himself filthy, his recall would be awful though, he’d be too busy exploring…. that’s George for you.

it’s been a wonderful couple of days.. now back to school and the regular schedule.
tomorrow I want to head to the field to practice George’s A-Frame… and do more box work from a distance, because he really needs it.



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