just do what you want to do… so that’s what I’m going to do


I don’t really care if you think I’m strange- I ain’t going to change…
-Joan Jett, Bad Reputation.
(please excuse this sort-of disconnected post, it doesn’t really work… but it’s okay. I think I got most of my thoughts across. for today anyways.)
… I’m pretty excited and happy… firstly, I got a car! It’s not completley mine but it’s close enough! I am going to devote an entire post to that soon… as soon as I go out and take photos of it ;) It’s a white jetta, it’s pretty awesome. just saying.
however, before I begin to ramble off about my car… I believe I’ll leave you hanging and talk about how cool today was.
the wind was blowing like crazy, knocking bars and making noses run so today, we decided to go on a hike, it was a grand adventure! 

I guess, right now, I feel so at peace… I’m finding it difficult to find something to really write about, which is unusual and doesn’t happen often. Today, especially the hike was very calming (with the exception of George constantly whining and barking… I really do need to figure out how to work with him on that.. I corrected him twice today, though I didn’t particularly agree with myself for doing so… it had no effect and he didn’t notice at all. I suppose that’s all fine, but his barking is a bit outrageous! crazy George!)

George looks like a giant compared to Kai, who’s so little and dainty, she reminds me of a princess she’s so pretty! George is very… hmm what word to describe George….. bear-like? possibly. 

 well, I thought, maybe since a fellow canine was annoyed by his constant barking (see exhibit a, below) he’d realize that maybe he should enjoy the quiet for some time, but he didn’t take the hint. I also think he might be stressed out/ over reacting excited. Maybe I should take him to new places more often and he’ll relax… he started to relax on the walk on our way home which was good. I think it may be because of stress.. I’ll have to try to bring him to new places much more often so he can figure out how to relax.

Despite his frequent barking, I was quite happy with how little he was paying attention to other dogs during our hike (see below) he was eyeing another dog, and checking back in, which surprised me… usually he barks at the other dog. I’m still not too sure about his recall in new places either. mmmm more things to work on. baby steps. we’ve worked on his recall in plenty of places but nothing compares to the scents, dogs, people, bikers, birds, rodents, noises, and cars (basically all things that George loves, except dogwalks and weaves- now add that to the mix and I’ll never get him back ;)) that are found near/on that trail/bridge. It will be our goal… having him walk off leash and recall over there. That would be pretty exciting.  


(below) this is out of focus, you may or may not be able to tell-but his expression was… well… comical so I had to keep it..

and Kai’s ‘amazing’ toy needs a mention ;))



2 Responses to “just do what you want to do… so that’s what I’m going to do”

  1. Tarra N Amy Says:

    Sounds fun! Those pictrues are ADORABLE! ;)


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