maybe I’ve watched too many inspirational videos today,


and listened to too many inspirational songs. (sorry, tons of text… but this post is worth it, I promise!) I don’t know if you’re following our 365, or should I say 366 as it’s a leap year blog, but I think it’s  a rather good idea since I’m posting there daily… and though I usually keep the more heart-felt posts here… I got onto a streak of good feelings. Lots of them. I think it might have been the movies + the music + the rain recharging me (charge dogs, re charge… just had to point that out, unintentional completley.) So…

Today was a pretty awesome day… but then again, we just had an inspirational/funny movie marathon so my mood is a bit odd. (in a good way, I hope) I hands down recommend watching the film “The Replacements” it’s a wonderful movie about underdogs coming out and rocking because they had heart. Then I practically almost had a melt down driving to panda with my Dad, it was one great song after another and our reoccurring theme song led the playlist (You can’t always get what you want, by the Rolling Stones) and I feel completley re-charged and have re-gained my good attitude on life… and agility. I was starting to drag a little there, pouring my energy out between family, newspaper and [attempting to] train George. I guess it takes a lot out of a person to have all of those things to work on and nothing is coming from it yet. I guess you could say it’s been a battle, but mine is not nearly as difficult as other’s. I can do something about mine and I am doing something about it. I’ve been told time and time again, with George, with Newspaper, that I’m fighting a loosing battle but you know, I don’t see it as so. I think, before you step into a battle, before you step up to the starting like you know if you are going to win or not. It’s like that quote, “Winners never quit,  quitters never win.” I know George might not be the greatest (lol, he’s not ;)) but I love him no matter what, he’s my best friend… and when we set out on this journey I told him we’d Q. That was my goal and you know what, we Q’d (twice, I might add). And oddly enough, when I checked the stats to see if we’d Q’d or not, or when I picked up his ribbons…. I could care less… but when we ran, and he looked at me like he would run (by run I mean trot this out- George style-) this for me. He didn’t have to. He could have gone and run around sniffing scents and ignoring me like he’s done in the past. And once he did run for me, it felt like nothing else mattered. Who cared if we Q’d… I certainly didn’t. because last time I checked… I didn’t start agility because I had the intention to Q. I didn’t start agility because I wanted ribbons, or times, or anything like that. I wanted to play agility because it’s the most fun game I’ve ever played with my best friend.

writing this made me feel really good about myself, and about George. and re-watching the videos, our jumpers run was still my favorite. NQ for quite obvious reasons (he went to sniff quite a bit of stuff then I made up my own course) but it was really, really fun and deep, and re-watching it I think it’s almost representational of our agility journey.. yeah, we’ve come across tons of bumps in the road, but here we are, still playing fun and running because we can. It felt really good. You know when agility people say run every run like it’ll be your last… well… if that were our last agility run, I’d be happy with that. But it’s not. We’re going to keep going and practicing and training and playing because I believe in us as a team.
 so again with a reoccurring theme, when I said I listened to inspirational music, I meant a playlist of classic music, beginning with… you guessed it… “You can’t always get what you want” by the Rolling Stones. The rain, driving home, blasting Rolling Stones it all felt so right. Speaking of feeling good, I’m excited (and late) to congratulate Tori & Rev who were invited to compete in Crufts. To those of you non-dog people who are reading this… that, my friends, is a huge deal. Nationals twice, then Worlds, then Crufts… The two have really taken on the world, the Beatles would be proud.. and I certainly am proud, with their nifty skills, they’re going to really rock at Crufts. Majorly. Rock. (#winning ;))
And how did I fail to mention how in love I am with my car?! I’m actually enjoying driving now… like really enjoying it. and there are so many features, it’s like every day is Christmas, I always find something new! See that picture? Yep. I took quite a few with my phone this morning, sitting in the school parking lot, just enjoying it. Mmm. Yes, I’m only beginning to talk about it now, of course, after I get the deep thoughts off of my chest and out into the universe. I keep re-watching the end of the Jumpers run video. (back to deep thoughts) watching him light up and start actually running (it resembles a horse’s canter… he doesn’t full out sprint unless he’s retrieving his tennis ball)  and the grin on my face. I guess it comes with practice and work. I was like George when I learned how to drive, at first I hated it, I avoided it and I had no confidence, and as I went on, I began to like it and like it and soon I got my own car and now I’m beginning to love it…
I think George is like me in that way, where he’s not confident, he’s not sure if he’s doing it “right” so I think I need to find little ways to reassure him (lol, if only I could buy him his own agility field, maybe then he’d like it? I don’t think it works the same way) I just have to figure this out. Me and my thoughts.



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